Difference between SCI0 and SCI1 logics???

rwfromxenon Hi.
What's the difference between SCI0 and SCI1 logic???
Joe So far, all I know is there a dozen or so, more kernals (aka Functions) to use. These, I think, have to do with the mouse, and the palette.
Brian_Provinciano There are different kernels, but that's irrelivant to the file format.

SCI1 scripts have a 32 bit exports segment, slightly different relocation segment, use certain opcodes such as send, loffs and lofsa differently, and a number of other things different. They are completely uncompatible with SCI0, but similar enough that I could modify the SCI0 compiler to support them.
Joe I think he meant the syntax and the language, but I could be wrong...
Joe And that was what I was referring to
Brian_Provinciano Well, the syntax is identical. So much so that if you use only kernels that are in SCI1 and SCI0 games, your game should compile under both compilers. They're actually the same compilers that just use different kernels and read/write different formats.