Al Pond

Eigen I recently finised my game Al Pond 1. You can download it from my page So let me know what you think. ;D
Joey wasnt it already finished?
Eigen How's the smartguy?

And by the way there were some very big bugs in Al Pond and I had to correct them.
Joey That is true. I noticed that. But your game is very fun. I beat it once and I dont know how. I got to the end. You push the red button, go into the ship and press the yellow, go to that doctors office, get both passwords, go back in the ship, do the password, close the door. I went back into the control room, pressed the yellow button and its like you havent done everything yet. It only worked once for me. It is VERY fun though. I cant wait to see Al Pond 2, so keep up the good work.
Eigen :D :D I'm very glad to hear that. ;D Al Pond 2 is still under development because SCI is new to me and I need to learn it.
Joey SCI is very hard i think. I cant understand 1 damn thing of it.

Oh well, Ill learn one day.
smartguy240 Hey Joey(and everyone else)! I am still here. I just havent really been reading all of the threads on this board lately! (sorry guys)

I think i might change the title of my game to something of the effect of Conquest of the Coins, (hope that doesent sound too stupid), because my title right now is Soooo origional. Patrick's

So anyways, just letting everyone know that I am here, and I am still everyones friend. 8) ;)

Later Guys (especially my good buddie Joey)

sonneveld come on.. please stay on topic.. if you want to talk about stars or ask where people are.. use the off-topic forum. Somebody's trying to announce their new game here!

- Nick
Joey sorry