Noptec Vector Update

sonneveld Hi, I noticed the version on chris's site (and mine) is slightly out of date.. so I thought it might be interesting to point this out.. v1.4 of Vector is available.. its source has been released and one or two bugs have been fixed. - Nick
Joey what is vector?
sonneveld bitmap: each individual pixel has a value. These pictures can get pretty big since you need to define each pixel

vector: picture is defined by lines, fills and other bits 'n pieces and the picture is rendered. this is what agi uses

the difference is like html and a screenshot of a webbrowser rendering html.

noptec vector takes a bitmap file (gif, jpeg. whatever) and tries to turn it into a vector format for you.

- Nick
AGI1122 Thanks for telling me Nick, I will put it up.
Kon-Tiki I just tried it out. Seems like a far better version than the other one. This could just be the thing lots of newbies (like myself ;)) need.

:D Thanks :D