How do I edit Leisure Suit Larry 5 or 6?

Hely I read on the site that all of the games can be opened (at least 5 can) but I try to open it and it gives me an error..what am I doing wrong?? =\
AGI1122 You can't open it in SCI Studio. You have to extract the view files from LSL5 to the directory then use SCI VGA View editor to edit them.
Hely ok what program do I use to do that? and can I do it to lsl6 too?
AGI1122 Nope can't in lsl6. And the program is on The Ultimate AGI & SCI Web Site in the SCI utilities... I can't remember the name off hand but it should be something like "SCI Decoder". That is the tool you want to extract SCI VGA resources.
Hely k there going to be a future release of SCI studio that will be able to open/create that kind of game with the click-style menu (like look, touch, taste, ect)? that would be cool :)
Hely nevermind I read about the VGA thing ::) I guess it would help if I do a bit more research before I ask stuff hey! well thanks again! :D