AGI Massive Multiplayer online

debikkel Hello people, I've seen a lot of talk on this forum about this project, so here's the rundown: My name is Martin Kool and I am the one who's building this whole multiplayer AGI world. In fact, it's a gaming engine, that runs directly from within your browser (IE5.5, 6 and Mozilla 1 and up, and I'll make it work for IE50 if I find the time). It runs without plugins, java or whatsoever. It's mere script and dhtml. Nothing more nothing less. The gaming engine does not stop at AGI, for it allows any style you'd like, whether it'd be SCI, SCUMM or Diablo for that matter. No scrolling yet, but I'll implement that once I'll start working on the Lucasarts SCUMM world. Anyway, some more info can be found here :;action=display;threadid=985 and here: Yes I need(ed) help from people to build rooms, and got a special development kit lying around. But most people who replied couldn't find the time to work on it (which of course can happen), but as always, there hasn't been one of them to have actually contribute a single thing. Except of course for Joey and Nailhead ;) So, if you want to help out, help Nailhead in his post on this forum to create an export facility in AGI Studio, to port images for usage online by this engine of mine. That would really speed up things, since the engine itself is 99% done. Content, that's what we need. Well, just hope you are interested in seeing the final result. I want to have it running by the end of 2002, so who knows we'll meet then? And yes, all the pro's and cons considered of ANY virtual chat-room, this project can rise or fall by its users. But we'll see what happens. It'll be one hell of a demo that's for sure! -Martin
Andrew_Baker As I mention on my site (toot-toot), all of the resources for Voodoo Girl are free-source. That means that if you want to use my Pics or views, you're welcome to as long as I get credit for creation. I'm not sure you'd want them, but they are there for the taking.