AGI pics to GIF

Nailhead I'm currently working on the Space Quest Online project and am creating the development kit for it (am I in over my head in AGI? ...probably so). Anyway I was just wondering if anyone has made an AGI pic resource to GIF utility. More specifically, this is what I need to do:

- Extract a background screen and export as GIF
- Extract each priority layer as a GIF in the EGA Pallete (not as a sold color as in a priority screen)
- export a text file giving the coordinates of each layer (width/height/top/left)

Has anyone made such a tool which comes close to this? Or perhaps someone could create a utility to help in this project? You'd be the hero of the day if you could help out.
Joey I am involved in the project too. Martin sent me a development kit. Why are you trying to make another one?
Nailhead I'm not making "another" one. What I'm doing is creating a Win32 app which is used to create screens and actors within SQO. As I posted above, one of the steps to creating screens would be to convert AGI resources straight to the SQO format. You are also able to create your own screens and actors manually within the program. Treat it as sort of a "AGI Studio Online" version :)
Joey Oh ok. good Luck with. Sorry I dont know anything about what you are doing. (I have visual c++, if only I could learn the damn thing)

btw: are you going to be making pictures for the project?
Nailhead Yeah, after the devkit is finished I'll probably make screens. If you're making screens too then you'll get to use this utility. It's all GUI, so there won't be any scripts and choordinates to write down.

So to anyone reading this, if you'd like to help with this, please give me an email or just reply. The more talent we have working on this, the faster it'll go. The end result is just going to be amazing. :o
Joey Yes, nailhead is right. I am part of the project and have had a tour of what is completed so far of the chatroom. It is really, really, really, awesome. I cant wait for it to be finished. That is one of the reasons I am part of this project. (another is because I love agi so much, and I want to do alot of things for it, or try to keep it alive longer.)