Custom Controls

Joe If one was to make, for instance, a Checkbox control, what would one set the property 'type' to? That's all I would like to know...but you can tell me more if you want :) Good luck with SCI Studio VGA
Brian_Provinciano Really all you're doing is taking an existing control and modifying it, so you could use almost any. You're just catching the drawing method and event handler.

It would make sense to use a button control type since that's what they are (Windows buttons/checkboxes/radios are all the same thing with different properties). You could use the DText type, for example, which is what I did, but it makes no difference when you're modifying it like that.

Some hints:
*Make them derrived from a "set" or "list" so checking one will uncheck the others almost automatically (with little code on your part). They could be a hybrid of a set and control (ie. use properties from both).
*Have a view with cels corresponding to the state (ie. bits 0-1 are used as #0-3 for Checked/Unchecked/Checked&Selected/Unchecked&Selected).
*Keep it simple. All you really need is to draw a view, and then use a Display call. Just calculate the coords.
*It would be more efficient if you let the interpreter highlight it rather than drawing the highlight yourself. Set the control's bounding rectangle properties to the size you want.

I normally would finish up my code for this and make a tutorial, but I'm too busy with SCI Studio VGA's template and SCI Studio EGA 2.14. Besides, it takes minimal SCI knowledge. If you have a general understanding of programming, an algorithm should come easily. And most of all, it'll be a fun experience :)
Joe Heh, I was going to use the Icon control. Thank you Brian.