Date Quest 2 (a longer wait)

Joey I dont mean to be posting all this shenanigans about DQ2, but it wont be released anytime soon i think. School is about to start here for me, august 28. When school starts, my parents only allow me to use the pc on week ends. So that I will concentrate on my school work. (The week ends are friday saturday, sunday,) I can also use it on any days we have off. So, I wont be able to do too much work on it. Just wanted to let everyone know. Not only is school a problem, I need to work on SQ online. Just incase anyone wanted to know. (I might try to sneak in some extra time though. ;) )
Andrew_Baker Don't sweat it, man. About half of my development is done at a coffeehouse, drinking coffee, smoking cigs, and doodling in a notebook.

I'm not so sure your parents will let you hang out all day, drinking coffee and doodling, but that's what study hall is for!
Joey Yah, but I feel like an idiot. At first I was rushing through the game. I didnt put effort into the pictures, I didnt set any positions to get objects, (So you could be a half mile away and still get the object) and I didnt make any animations of doors. I am going to edit a lot of this. I already started making the positions, I made a new beginning. It is just the doors now.