stumped on title screen

bixaluffagus ??? Everyone, Im new to SCI Studio and Im havin real big problems that you folk would probably walk right over.

say if i want to make my main dude walk over and sit down on a chair, then, when asked to, get up so you can walk around again?
Kon-Tiki Well, I too have no experience with SCI-Studio, but the basic seems the same as AGI-Studio. In AGI-Studio, I would use something like this (with lots of errors, but it's just to explain ;))

if said("sit"){
set f(50) ------>expecting that you use f(50) for this.
//make ego sit
if said("stand"){
isset f(50)
//make ego stand
reset f(50)
print("You're already standing.");

Something like this, but in SCI-script should do the trick.
AGI1122 Sorry to disapoint you but AGI and SCI are so different that the only part of your code that IS similar is the said lines other than that, the rest is pretty much AGI ONLY. Everything you said though, can be done but in a different syntax and method.(SCI is very flexible you could do alot of things with it).
rwfromxenon Read Volume II of the SCI Studio tutorial. In the chapter 'Moving Actors and Triggering Events' you should find some useful info.