I'm back in black!!!

Andrew_Baker Yes, I'm back, BAAA-AAACK IN BLACK!!!!

<Brief guitar lead>

All right, newbies, old pros, and various split-personality types, I've reposted my web page as www.angelfire.com/games4/failrate .

I've moved and left behind my old ISP. The site remains virtually unchanged, though. No new demos, and only some trivial news. HOWEVER, I have been working furiously on VG:QotD for the past week and a half. While a number of its new features have yet to be implemented, the world map is much, much bigger. I know I PROMISED a big update, I decided that working on a larger world would be more satisfying to me in the long run, and an early release would only spoil some of the surprises. Those who know me reasonably well will recognize that I have a tendency to get overexcited, claim some monumental update in a matter of days, and then sit in my room, smoking cigarettes, and not picking up the phone. This is what I loosely call my "work ethic". However, most of you out there will probably sympathize with the plight of someone working entirely alone on a project.

One last thing, if you do go to my newly-established failrate home, you will notice a link to Magnetic Core Media. Currently, this is just a dummy page, but it will eventually be a news/feature/classifieds/etc site devoted to computer development/games/pro-wrestling/music/etc. It is intended to be a big portal thing. I am planning on writing a feature about AGI and SCI, so if anyone would like to contribute and get e-published, I would really appreciate it. Also, if anyone wants to submit their site address for posting in the "developers" link section, please plop yer URL on this thread. I have 100 MB to toy with, so don't be shy... it's going to be a mostly plain-text site (f*** long load times for people with slow connections). However, this 100 megs comes at the cost of not being able to keep any compressed files (They claim that we cannot use our free space as an archive :'( ).

Anyway, wish me lots of luck!!

If I had a 'scrip for Haderol, I'd probably be done by now.
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