New AGI Studio Forum

Nailhead I'm getting back into the swing of working on the Studio so to keep track of bug reports and wishlists I've added a forum to my AGI Studio site. This forum is NOT for general chat nor is it for AGI programming help (that's what this board is for). I know the last thing the AGI community needs is another board, since this is a specialty board there's no reason for anyone to frequent it unless you're up on giving bug reports and such. This will also cut down on the amount of email that I receive about the Studio.

So now that you know, it'll be there for you when I release the next version. However I'll still announce new releases to this board.
sonneveld I've been posting some ideas for the wishlist.. has anybody else had a look or had any ideas for agi studio?

- Nick
CapTAmerik@ Hi Nick,

I think being able to scan the priority screen with the mouse -by going into a special mode or something- would be a wonderfull addition to AGI's PICEDIT. You can see what colour to give each object, without really having to go out on a limp.

Furthermore, I haven't fully explored the possibilities of AGI Studio yet and I don't know if this feature is already available: but in my opinion it would be neat to clean up the logic and then solely start up the room you're doing the logic on, instead of having to start the whole game and go through the debug mode.

This feature was e.g. implemented in Game Factory and it worked like a charm.

sonneveld two very good ideas that you should post to the board I reckon. (I think other people need to submit ideas too, or else I would have done it for you)

- Nick
Kon-Tiki How about something which will allow you to change a priority-colour to a different one.
I'll explain, because it seems a bit unclear:
If you have drawn a priority screen, you test it and you see that you accidently placed the wrong priority to something on a drawing, you have to go through your history, delete the wrong colour and draw it again (or over the first time).
If it could be done by just changing that colour to another one, it wouldn't take that long.
There seems to be only one problem with this: If you just adjust the pallet, there's the possibility of a colour (for this example: green) given to one thing where it is correct and to another thing where it should be yellow.
You'll see what'll happen.

Is such a feature possible, or is it a bit over the head?

Kon-Tiki I found a nice way to do the last thing, using the history and changing the colour which was set. That's probably the easiest way to do that.

Now, a nice feature to Picedit would be that you could work in layers. You could first draw the screen like it is when nothing of building/furniture/decoration is in it, and then place those things on top of it. I think that would be a nice and useful feature.
Joel Thing is that Nailhead's not working on updating PicEdit. I think somebody's working on a new picture editor, though, but I haven't heard anything about it for a while.
Kon-Tiki :-
Joel Didn't mean to say that you weren't welcome to make suggestions about features you'd like to see in a picture editor -- just that they are different programs. AGI Studio was written in Delphi by Peter Kelly. PicEdit was written in C by, I believe, Lance Ewing. The source code for PicEdit is out there (I have it), so I guess if somebody did want to update it they could. Plus, as I said, if there is another picture editor in development, then you probably should give your feature suggestions to the developer.
Kon-Tiki Ok, I'll stop posting things about Picedit here and try to find that other Picture-program-guy-thingy (You know what I mean ::))


Nailhead Thanks everyone for leaving suggestions and bug reports on the forum. Last Thursday I had an accident and broke a rib, two days after I setup the forum actually. So it's been a week since and I can only spend about 5 minutes at the computer at a time (most of my time is spent laying down watching TechTV). Anyway, I'm still really hyped up about updating AGIStudio, so when I get back on my feet (and into my computer chair) I'll start working through some of the things that need to be done to the Studio. If I tried to write code while I'm on these pain pills there's no telling what AGIStudio would become. ;)

Keep leaving suggestions as you think of them, I'll get to them soon.
Kon-Tiki wrote:

Ok, I'll stop posting things about Picedit here and try to find that other Picture-program-guy-thingy (You know what I mean ::))

The thread for it is here. I tried to e-mail the developer a couple of weeks ago, but it bounced :-\
Don't know if he's given up on the thing.