rwfromxenon Hi,
I am having problems with adding sound to my SCI game. I have found a midi file and converted it to type 0, i used that program that is on brian's website and i added it to the game. The only problem is, when I try to play the music, i only get a hand cursor and a blank screen. How do I get the sound to play? do i need a shorter Midi file?
Brian_Provinciano That DOS sound tool is very outdated. There is a new one for Windows which works incredibly well. Ravi is also working on a new version, as the first Windows release was just a test version. Ravi's the sound expert, so you can expect the final version to be great!

The convertor is available at:

Don't miss Ravi's great sound drivers on the site as well. If you can't hear any sound in your SCI games under XP or other Windows/OSes, they'll solve your problem!

I will add it to my site on the next update, but I've been too busy with SCI Studio to fully maintain my site lately.
rwfromxenon Thanks Brian, I really appreciate it!!!