Starting my 1st game!!!

rwfromxenon [attachment deleted by admin]
rwfromxenon by the way if anyone can find me a midi of the music to austin powers i would greatly appreciate it.
The Dave If you're looking for Austin Powers theme music, I think it's called 'Soul Bossa Nova.' There are two MIDI version of it here:

Good luck! ;D
AGI1122 Hehe, an Austin Powers game would just simply rock. :)

Good luck with that, can't wait to see how it goes.
rwfromxenon Thanks Chris,
I should have a demo ready within the next 2 weeks.

The basic plot is (assuming that Goldmember didnt happen) Dr. Evil has stolen a total of $100,000,000,000,000 from every bank in the world, he has got a special henchwoman called Lena Onnabottom (spoof on Xenia Onnatop from Goldeneye) Thats about it, but for more info, check out the site!

PS. Please sign my guestbook! its a bit crappy, but i intend (note - intend) to sort that out
rwfromxenon I think I am going to add a choice of which side to play on, in this case Evil and MoD. good idea?
AGI1122 Yeah that would be cool. I would love to be able to type in - 'Mini me stop humping the "laser". ;D'
Mastercard Sounds pretty sweet to me! I think that it would be very nice to have that kind of game also in AGI.
Austin Powers would also fit perfectly in SCI VGA. It has a kind of a comic feel in it, if you know what I mean^^;

Great idea. Sporckle forward.
rwfromxenon It's not gonna be easy, but I love a challenge! Btw mastercard. Sporckle. Cool word. Can I have it ;D
rwfromxenon I have a teeny problem. :'( I don't know how to have two different introductions, and two different start locations. Do I just have the option for sides as soon as you start the game? Then play the intro and put start location for that specific side?
Its very confusing ???
nikilbear sounds good big brother, Allyb!
rwfromxenon mumble...stupid sister...mumble...gotta show me up...mumble...

I have decided that my sister Nikib is gonna help me with this thang. She has no programming knowledge, but shes a good artist. So if you need her later, email her at
allyb wrote:

Btw mastercard. Sporckle. Cool word. Can I have it ;D

Sure. It's yours now.

I think that one intro is good enough. BTW, Good Enough is a great song.
rwfromxenon thanks mc

HAHAHA! She blew it! sibling rivalry caused me to kick my sis off the project!
rwfromxenon I have been *sporkling*:-) with the game and I should have a demo ready pretty soon. like in 5 or 6 days, max.
Brian_Provinciano Sounds great! We'll all love to see it. Keep up the good work!
rwfromxenon I think I'll have 2 games, but with different sides. That would make things easier for me. Ill just get started on the other one, as I'll release both Sides at the same time.
Joey I thought you liked the challenge though?
lol, just kidding.

The game looks really cool, good luck!