Sound in SCI Studio VGA

juncmodule Do you intend on having sound in SCI Studio VGA? Is there any specific reason you haven't had a built in sound editor/converter in SCI Studio? I have a book called the "Beginning C++ Programmers Guide to Sound" It is by far not for beginers but, it does appear to have a lot of useful information in it. I would be more than happy to let you borrow it if you think it would be useful. It is the closest thing to a donation I can make. I currently have little to no use for it since I haven't even figured out how to handle images in C++ yet. Which by the way, completely unrelated to SCI Studio, do you know of anyone that has sourcecode for a ANSI C++ version of PAC-MAN (no directX)? I think this would be a perfect game for me to pick apart and learn how to program with. Anyway, looking forward to SCI Studio VGA, keep up the good work. Being able to work on these games is a childhood fantasy come true.


Lars Skovlund These are my own suggestions for sound support in SSVGA. I have discussed some of them briefly with Brian, but they are by no means official. Brian, please comment!
There are three major sources of sound in SCI1:

* MIDI music
* Digital samples
* CD audio

The first one requires special editor software (since SCI does not use the standard MIDI format), which would be very time-consuming to write. So my suggestion is to leave it out, at least at first.
The digital sample format is not a standard one either, but it uses standard PCM (with optional compression) encoding, so the effort required to create an import/export function would be minimal.
There is plenty of good sound editing software available, so a fully-fledged built-in one is not necessary.
As for background music, I'd recommend the third option. CD-recorders are now prevalent, and burning audio format tracks onto a CD is easy.
So my suggestion is to make the music in MP3 format (or other sound formats), and tell users to download and burn the sound files in audio format to a CD.
Apart from ease of coding and use, this has the benefit of being able to listen to the music from one's favorite game in a standard CD player.

I'd be willing to help with some of this (a few extensions to the class library
would be necessary for CD audio to replace MIDI completely).
Brian_Provinciano I've got a book on coding sound in C as well, but since I have virtually no experience with computer audio, I'll been finishing everything else first. Ravi has build convertors for SCI which allow you to easily make SCI0 sound resources, and that will be merged with SCI Studio some time.

I will definitely have sound in SCI Studio and SCI Studio VGA. If Ravi finishes all the sound tools, we'll merge them into SCI Studio and SCI Studio VGA and it will have it's sound support. Otherwise, I'll get around to writing the convertors myself. I'm working on getting everything else done first though, since sound is my weak point.
Ravi Sorry for the delay. With the approaching end of summer (in my hemisphere, anyway), I've been lax about working on projects. Best guess for a release is last week of August.
Brian_Provinciano No rush :)

You're doing a great job! We've always got your first release to keep us busy. Take your time.