The 13th Disciple

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sonneveld very nice.. did you create those pic's from photos?

- Nick
CapTAmerik@ I used the core of scanned pictures to draw the vectors, trying to maintain the depth without it having to interfere with ego's appearance.

Although my work is leaning heavily on dialogue (yet making sure that there is not too much to bore possible players), I'm quite proud of how these have turned out.

My biggest concern is that I get fed up with the project, because it takes such a long time.... but my wife is an encouragement, luckily. I have long ways to go, though. Looking at the script and the programming, I'll end up with 85 possible locations (in three stages) to explore.

Joey Sounds good! Good luck with it.
(If your wife doesnt agree, say its a hobby.)
gpm Well, your project gets my blessing. :)

I really like the way that everything looks in terms of dimensions. The proportions look just right. Well done!

Oh, and if ever you need encouragement/support, just post a topic! Programming an AGI game is a big undertaking, and the biggest challenge is remaining focused.. that's something we all can relate to.
Brian_Provinciano Fantastic job! I know the game will be great!
Kon-Tiki Wow, these pics look more like SCI-pictures than AGI-pictures. The story sounds great too, so don't give up on this project. It would be a shame to see such a promising game go abandoned;).
Pikachu14 Actually, I think that's really an SCI game with an AGI-style view. Just kidding ;D
CapTAmerik@ A-wighty, after weeks of dedicated work and a couple of beating with ye old wife's roller, the first demo of "The
13th Disciple" should be downloadable on Wednesday. This will also be the launch of the Official 13th Disciple Website, so please keep your eyes open....

Now for pointers: what should I do in order to release the demo? Just hit the "Built..."-button and throw all files in a *zip... or is there a minimum? Coz, I tried running the game (after building and erasing some standalone files), but it didn't work under NAGI.

Please help, so I can do it right the first time around...

CapTAmerik@ Mmm... bad news and good news, I'm afraid.... :-
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Kon-Tiki Maybe you should use some views ;D? There's nothing much to say to help this game. The screens look awesome and the plot sounds good. I think one of the uses of a demo is that people can play it and tell what they think of it so that you have a guide for the rest of the game. If they're small things (e.g. bugs), you can adjust them and put that demo online. I for one can't help you with the game as long as I haven't really got the feel of it.


P.S. Could you teach me how to make such fine pics? Compared to these, mine're infant scribbling ::).
Joey great drawings!!!!
rwfromxenon These pictures truly are brilliant. Sporkle onwards and be proud.

Nailhead Wooo! Superb artwork, and the website is great! It's so eery seeing and reading about the victims. To unsuspecting visitors they will most likely think it's real.
Joey hey dont worry about the demo. take as much time as needed. its no rush. and im gonna check out your site right now.
Joey i live so close to boston mass. is that story true?
To unsuspecting visitors they will most likely think it's real.

I must admit, I was wondering ;D
rwfromxenon OMFG! I just saw the site, and I must say, Well done CapTAmerik@, this site makes it look creepily real.
Might I add... Zoinks! :o
Joey heh heh. i was gettin a little shakey on that site. heh heh. great job cap'in.
CapTAmerik@ Geez, :-[... you guys make me blush.
I only hope the game can live up to the buzz the Internet-site created. Thanks for your support everyone.

Oh, and [glow=red,2,300]Kon-Tiki[/glow]... I was merely looking for suggestions to the story and the internet-site, not to the actual game. But thanks for the support, I really liked Piraatje and I used the source-code to get a better understanding of AGI.

I wanted to create an unique atmosphere for the AGI-game, simply because it hadn't been done before. KQ1 and SQ1 never had Internet to push the story and I felt like it would at least stir some controversy.

Again, thank you, I'll be back again shorty, after I've finished up the intro to the demo...

mr-t Those pics look amazing! They even impress my artist friend... ;D
Joey cant wait to see the intro!!!!

btw: is that story real?


Who knows... ;) I can't tell, you really have to play the game in order to find out (how about that for 'marketing' eh?)....

I'd suggest looking through the internet-website of the Boston Chronicle. It might give you a couple of leads and pointers, ;D

Joey heh heh. ok cap'n crunch.