C-16 Brian, I really need the PCX2PIC and I don't have time to argue about the quality with you. The reason that I need it is because the PIC size is too big right now and if I convert it into a PCX and then convert it back into a PIC this picture will be a small enough size to fit in my game. Now plz I ask that you send it to me. This game will not be made if I do not get this program so plz help me out. My email address is:


I hope you understand why this is so essential to the development of my game. I am ABSOLUTELY sure about this and if you want to argue about it with me then go ahead, but I assume you understand. Thx man.
C-16 Quote from Brian:

"There's PCX2PIC, but no RAW2PCX2PIC that I know of. PCX2PIC is an AGI utility. "


Yes there is a utility for SCI, Brain. You are wrong about that one. Check the download section in your website.
The link is shown below:


Search for:


See??? No offense to you but I think you have insulted my intelligence by saying that I am wrong when it is actually you that is wrong. So help me out if u can but plz don't knock me down by insulting me just because I may have insulted you by accident. I simply want to make use of the engine that you worked so hard on. I'm even thinking about giving donations too.
Brian_Provinciano I feel insulted again by your remarks.

For one, you say that I am wrong that there's no "RAW2PCX2PIC". There is no "RAW2PCX2PIC", it's called "XToPic". I should know! I wrote it!!! . See the author's name. Yep, it's me.

"Brain. You are wrong about that one."

Erm...no I'm not, it's called XToPic, and my name is Brian.

It's so unoptimized, that you will likely have a file that's > 64K and therefore, unusable. However, Some people use views instead, and they give great results! No conversion needed.

Finally, you say:

"This game will not be made if I do not get this program."

I'm not your personal slave, at least not if you don't even support the project with a little donation, and burdon me with contant remarks trying to make me look stupid. SCI Graphic Studio has the converter built in. However, if you click on the link to download "XToPic", it takes you to the download page, where you can download it yourself, so I don't need to email it to you.


Now, please, download the program and give me some respect.
CapTAmerik@ Way to go, Brian!

Again, I'm not a fan of insults and fights, but this guy even frustrates ME and I'm not even programming the Studio...

Having said that, let's all work TOGETHER in maintaining a peacefull and productive AGI-environment. No doubt Sierra was a family-company. Let's keep up the spirit and the tradition!

Kon-Tiki Hehehe, guess whose long toes have been stepped on ;D

Getting mad because Brian's right. Instead of asking for that program, you could've drawn your pictures already. there's nothing wrong with the editor of SCI-Studio, so it shouldn't take too long to draw a picture in it. Brian's really right that it's better not to convert all the time, but if you can't see that, don't take it out on us.

Btw. How do you know the author of AGS?
Brian_Provinciano I'm not going to argue anymore. This is quite silly, and I want to keep the community as nice as possible.

I've been more than fair with you C-16. Even after all of the disrespect you've given me, I've still been responding to all the questions you've had about SCI Studio, and being as nice as possible--except when you speak down to me. Even after you spoke down to me for the first time, I still responded to your further questions and even complemented your work!

I suppose you just don't realize just how much work is invloved in SCI Studio, and how I've spent well over three years on it, and that I'm just one man. With the thousands and thousands of lines of code, it's hard, as one man, to keep it all bug free. However, I'm working to make it as error free as possible. I could have written an AGI Studio in a month, but it's taken a long time for SCI Studio. This is because it's that much more complicated. AGI Studio is more bug free because AGI is far simpler. For one, games can just be decompiled and recompiled, making creation of the template game easy as cake. For SCI Studio, I have to go through tens of thousands of lines of bytecode to code the template authentic to the original.

People have requested new features in SCI Studio, and even requested whole programs. For example, someone suggested that I make an editor for the game The Amazing Spider-man. I've always loved the game, and since they asked so nicely, I actually went ahead and made it (also for free). So, it's all about how you ask. Say "please", "thank you" and refrain yourself from trying to publicly insult me. Those are the three keys to getting what you want.
CapTAmerik@ Personally, I think it's real good of you, Brian, that you keep your composure. But why spent all the trouble and time on C-16, when he does not deserve it? Time after time, I saw your replies on his strange and insulting questions... you must have better things to do, :-).

I think C-16's departure is good riddance. Call me an ass, but if I ever came across someone with that tone of voice, I would've.... well... activated logic.094 (if you're using an AGI-template game, that is...)


Steven Melenchuk ...and script.977 if you're using an SCI template game. :P