A wierd question.

Joey This is probably wierd but.....
are there any girl agi programmers? I dont know of any. Just wondering. Its just wierd that only men program in agi, or at least mostly men program in agi.

Just a thought.
AGI1122 There is no telling of who has programmed in AGI, I am sure there have been a share of girls, but does it really matter if they have programmed in AGI or not?
blacki There was a Roberta Williams that made a series in the original Sierra Games... if my memory serves me correctly.

The King's Quest series.
Sami_Tervo because amount of female programmers is lower than amount male programmers in any programming language it would be almost a miracle have even few females programming with agi =P
Joey I know about roberta, I was just wondering about any females that made fan made games. I was just wondering.
Randy Leigh Ann Frey was a regular to AGI messageboards until she fell off the face of the earth. She was webmaster of The Vortex and helped me code Operation:Recon. I was very impressed by how well she knew AGI.
Joey Oh, cool. It just doesnt seem like there are a lot of female agi fan made game programmers.
Nailhead That's a good observation Joey. I can't think of any either.