sci interpreter to play games on xp

name goes here I was wondering if there was an interpreter out there that's like Nick's NAGI? I'm not a programmer but am a fan of sierra games and other adventure games out there like it. MY problem is that i have Windows XP and headaches have risen since i purchased it. Nagi works great for the AGI games written under agi interpreter, but is there an interpreter like nagi in the way that i can place vital files under a folder in sci and run it directly? If anyone has any idea what i'm talking about or how to possibly set up freesci(??) to run the games that nagi can't( files) please let me know or post it here. If not, then i dunno what to do...probably wait for somebody to make it. thanks
AGI1122 FreeSCI, is the one and only fan made SCI interpreter... I am sure somebody will come along and give you the link(since I don't remember it...).
Brian_Provinciano You can get freeSCI at

However, I am creating SCI Studio under XP and the original DOS interpreters run fine. The only issue is sound, which is fixed by using Ravi's driver.
Lars Skovlund Hmmm. This message got lost somehow. Anyway, the easiest way to get freesci to run is to copy it (.exe and .dlls) into the directory where your game is.
FreeSCI will automatically attempt to load the game in the current directory if no name (or path) is given on the command line.
Of course, this wastes some space, so you may want to set up a config file instead. I'd tell you where you're supposed to put that file,
but I don't really know (I'm a unix guy myself). People whisper in my ear that %WINDIR%\.FREESCI\CONFIG might be an idea, though.
In the simplest case, you need entries such as this one:


A useful option that you will probably want to turn on (unless you're really nostalgic)
is "pic0_dither_mode = flat". This enables interpolation of colors in the background pictures.
Put it in the top of your config file - that way, it will apply to all the games.
Another option I have put in mine is "animation_delay = 0". This disables transition animations completely -
I got bored with them, and besides, Christoph has set the default a little too high for my tastes.
place name here i'm gonna try all your suggestions...i really wanna play these games again(nostalgia takes over). thanks for the input, i'll let ya know how it works out... :)
name goes here brian,
could you tell me the progress of your sci interpreter? Is it almost finished and what version games will it run? thanks
Brian_Provinciano I'm not doing an SCI interpreter. I'm just doing SCI Studio and the like (ie. the template/docs/tutorials/etc.). The FreeSCI team is working on the interpreter. It runs EGA games, and IMO, nearly perfectly. I have not personally had any crashes or problems with the latest version of FreeSCI, and many games have been completed on it.

SCI Studio (EGA) is complete, though I'm still working on it to add new features/fix bugs.

SCI Studio VGA's template is nearly done. I've only got one more class-system script left to finish, then have to do about ten or so little procedure scripts and fix the bugs.

SCI Studio VGA isn't near completion, but it is planned for a release by the end of the year.

PS. Please get a chose a real nickname.
Steven Melenchuk I'm running WinXP, and the Sierra interpreter works just fine. Maybe it's just me... odd.