C-16 I can't download this file and I really need it. It is an essential resource for the development of Camp Quest. Is there any chance that anybody could send it to me? This would be greatly appreciated.
Brian_Provinciano RAW2PCX2PIC?

There's PCX2PIC, but no RAW2PCX2PIC that I know of. PCX2PIC is an AGI utility.
Nick of Sonneveld Isn't there an AGI2SCI picture converter by Mokalus? You could always use that for PCX2PIC and then PIC2PIC :)

- Nick
Brian_Provinciano The reason I don't encourage people converting AGI pictures to SCI pictures is because the resulting SCI game will be poor quality. If you're converting a picture to 160x168, then to an AGI one (which because of the conversion won't be optimized), then to an SCI one which is stretched and clearly unoptimized, you'll have a poor quality, stretched, bloated picture file.

Also, converting a bitmap to an AGI picture isn't 100% accurate (especially with the old PCX2PIC). Because of different line algorithms and such, converting an AGI picture to SCI will never be perfect, and you'd need to touch it up anyways.

The whole purpose of the picture editor is that you can import bitmaps and trace over them. It's incredibly easy and will give excellent results. Also, even if you used a convertor, you'd still need to draw your priority and control screens by tracing the converted visual screen, so you may as well trace once and get all three screens.

Taking the "easy way out" by converting pictures will give poor results and actually be just as much work, or at times more! You could do: convert to convert to convert to touch up to tracing for priority/controls screens and have a poor quality image... or you could import the bitmap as a tracing image, trace it in SCI Studio with the picture editor and have all three screens done and excellent quality.

Judging by your pictures so far, you're an excellent artist. However, even a non-artist could create great pictures by tracing imported bitmaps! It's that easy :D