Jen's Quest Website Changes

Joel I've completely redesigned the website for Jen's Quest and integrated it with another website of mine that I had to take down because of a crappy webspace provider. The URL is still
but that is now the main index for the entire site. If you link to my site and you just want to link to the Jen's Quest portion, the URL is now

I've also separated my non-Jen's Quest AGI stuff into a separate section at
which is where my utilities page is now. If you link to the old URL for the utilities page, then you'll be sending people to a redirect page. The new URL for the utilities page is
Robin_Gravel Your site is cool.

Thanks to reviewed Naturette 1 and 2.

Robin Gravel
Joel Oh, yeah. Forgot to mention that I've also added a "Characters" page where you can see some of the characters that will be in Jen's Quest. It doesn't contain all the characters. Just the ones I've drawn at this point (with the exclusion of a few I don't want to show, like Tony).