Virtual AGI Chat Room

Joey Robin, I wasnt thinking a chat room like that. I was thinking of something like this:

You open the web page. You enter your name, and pick a character. The characters are from AGI games, like LSL, or daves quest, or something. Or, maybe you could make your own. Then, if it is your first time useing this, it will explain how to use it and everything else. Then, you enter the room. It is an AGI background. Everybody else that entered is there. You can talk to them like you would in an AGI game. You can walk around and do stuff. So, If you didnt want to just chat, you could have fun. You could go to a dance place. You can select music that everyone in that room will hear. Then you can dance and stuff. You can do quests together. What I mean by this is, I will add in peoples games. Like Hanks Quest for example. If someone cannot beat that game, that person and other people can go into that game, and complete it together. You could help the person who cant beat it, by typing in what to do and stuff. (At the top of the screen, it would show what the other person is typing in. At the bottom, is where you type your stuff in.) If you hit like, Ctrl + G, It would go into the mode where everything you type, is for the game.(ex: get gun) So you would be in that mode. Then, you hit Ctrl + T, and it brings you into talk mode. So everything you type in, everyone sees.

This is all I thought of so far. Please let me know what you think about this. I also have a question. If I were to go about in doing this, what language should I use? Java? Html? Please let me know. The chatroom idea would be fun, but I'm afraid that after a month or so people will stop using it. Just like they've stopped using the chatroom at (which was very similar to your idea, with cartoon-characters and a background drawn by Quirit). After a month or so, you would find nobody in the chat, and now it doesn't even work anymore.
As for the adventure gaming together: I don't know, sounds a little complicated to program. I think you'd better just come to the board and tell us where you are stuck in the game.
HwM Check There's info about a new Sierra chat and a screenshot... This is pretty much like your idea...

BTW: we'd like it if you notify us first when you're going to use Hank's Quest in your project... Just in case... Yup, that's exactly what I had in mind while reading Joey's idea!
The screenshot is in Dutch, it's pretty funny.
Joey Sorry it took so long to reply, I was busy all day. Anyway, I will look later for that idea at, i couldnt find it. But you people dont think it would be cool? You dont think I should make it? The reason I posted this topic is because im not making it so i can walk around all by myself. I want to see if the community would use this as well. I would keep adding things so it doesnt get old. If you dont feel as though we need it, or would be fun, let me know so I dont waste my time.;action=display;threadid=985

He's looking for people to help him out. Why don't you mail him? It would be better if it was just one big project in stead of two.
Joey I emailed him. I will see let everyone know if I will be involved. (Oh by the way, I wasnt going to put in Hanks Quest, it was just an example.)
Joey Ok. Thanx everyone for letting me know about this. I am now involved with the project. Thank you.

P.S. Please dont ask me about code or other stuff about how the project is. They dont want me revealing any thing. You can ask me how it is coming along. I would be glad to answer that.
rwfromxenon How's the project coming along?
Joey Good so far.
Oliver Hey dude's I just want to say that your home page joey rules!
Shantzy Joey You are my hero!!
We had ideas about making a virtual AGI one and a half year ago or something...
We did combat some of the problems with it but, there wasn't ever any production. I for one can't program. What it was with the others I don't know.
The main idea, which I think is the same as yours, is to build a similair AGI interpreter, but one that is Windows based and sort of internet based. Maybe even web based, who knows.

It would be extremely cool nontheless. There was a thread here that suggested that people might loose interest after a while. But if people could contribute with their own pictures and views, sending them to you, the interest would probably increase. It would become a very versatile MUD, indeed. That gives a lot of possible interaction you can't really have with other types of MUD.

That you propose the ability of doing quests together is great. It would open new horizons for AGI, surely

Keep at it!!!

Joey Thanx oliver about my page.

Shantzy, I have no knowledge of any sort to make a chat room like that. I am involved with a project called Space Quest Online. (That is its name for now.) I do not need to know programming of html or java, he tells me what code to use. I export the pictures and edit them do that it can be browsed on your web browser. It isnt hard even though i really havent done much with it yet. If you want to be part of the project, Martin would be glad to let you help i think. Martin and Nailhead are working on a new export tool so making the pics wont have as much work involved as it is now. Anyway, email him at:

Thats cool im your hero, heh heh, its cool to have someone say that to me, thanx man. hey, are you making an agi game? let me know, maybe i could help you.
Joey oliver, i updated my site. check it out. if you need help with your site, let me know.