Gabriel Knight 2 subs

kelmer Hi!

I finally got my hands on the GK2 game (I've been looking for it for a long time, I found it on a GK Mysteries pack), but as you know the game is in english (I think it wasn't dubbed to any other language) and apparently there's no way to get any subtitles to show on the screen.

After looking the file I got them to appear when I deleted the line ResAud=CD: (or something like that), which tells the game where are the voice files. The problem is that I won't hear those voices if I activate the subtitles, and there's no subtitles if I have the voices.

As I'm not a native english speaker, I would have a hard time if I played the game without subtitles, and it looks kind of dull without voices. I want both to work.

Can I?

Another question I have is:

The Gk Myteries also came with a CD-version of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, with the classic 2 interpreters, being the first for DOS and the latter for Windows. I already had the spanish cd version of the game, but it only comes with the DOS interpreter.

I just copied the files in the folder of GK1CD coming with GK mysteries to the spanish GKCD folder, and was i surprised when it worked!

The question is; can I use this files to execute any SCI1 game under windows?

Brian_Provinciano The only way to have an SCI1 game run under windows would be with an SCI1 interpreter. SCI11, SCI2, SCI21, SCI3, etc. will not work. SCI1 games are so different, that it's nearly impossible to run one SCI1 game on another interpreter. However, I have found _one_ SCI1 win interpreter, so I may be able to get the VGA template to build games for it when it's done.
Omer Mor Which one is it Brian? KQ5?
Because if it is I want to know if you managed to run it properly under windows. It won't work for me (WinXP).
Brian_Provinciano The Mixed Up Mother Goose Demo I got on a sampler CD that came with an old book. King's Quest 5 was released for DOS as SCI1, then later for Windows as SCI11.