Little Pirate

Yep, I'm working on a template game with which I'm trying to get accustomed to AGI Studio, and I'm working on a game which (for now) is called 'Piraatje', which is Dutch for 'Little Pirate'. You can get some screenshots over at (it's in Dutch, but the screenshots are at the bottom) and the template game is at
I will make a new topic about Piraatje as soon as it's worth posting.

Sorry, I had to ask:
Will you release a version of Little Pirate in English? Any chance of an english translation of your site? am I asking too much? :)

- Nick

(it seemed better to start a new topic)
Joey Yah, Nicks right. Even if it cant be translated in english. I would still play it, but if you could make a copy in english, that would be better. After you answer nicks question, could you tell us a plot of the game? Or what your goals are?
Kon-Tiki 'Piraatje' was meant to be done in English (although, if the rest -yep, I found some people who wanted to work on it- wants it to be in Dutch, then I will make a translation afterwards). If you want a translation of my site, come see it in about an hour or something, it should be done by then (or do you mean ->That's something I should ask the others as well, but it shouldn't be a problem as well;)) The site ( just says that they are a group of friends wanting to make a game. They wanted to start from scratch with C, but when someone found about about AGI Studio, they dicided to use that. To get to know AGI Studio a little Raf (who I think is Kon-Tiki, correct me if I'm wrong) made Tryout ( Now they're going to make Piraatje (working title), nothing about the plot, though. They're also still looking for people who want to contribute (sound, backgrounds, views, programming).
Kon-Tiki Kijk kijk, iemand van de Lage Landen :D
Well, that's all correct. The plot will be placed there too. For now, I've translated to English, and within about an hour or so, I'll start on a translation of Cinderella. I'll let you guys know when it's finished.
To get confusion out of the way, Cinderella Sings in Circles is NOT Piraatje. It should become an online game, open source and modifiable by everyone, in the style of Discworld, Indiana Jones, etc.
Now for the plot: You start out as someone in a harbour (names yet to find) First big task is trying to get on board of a ship as a crew member.
Second big task is doing small jobs on the ship, until
Third big task: your boat meets another boat and you'll have to conduct piracy.
Fourth big task: You get captured by the others and have to escape.
I still don't know what will happen after you've escaped, but I'll find out when we get there.
For the first big task: First you have to go to the harbourmaster to ask for a boat. He'll send you to a captain who stands in front of a brothel (hkot.jpg), which is closed. You have to find a way for him to let the brothel open, so he can go inside. Then he will let you become a part of his crew. The owner is at the marketplace. You just have to get the key from her and give it to the captain. The captain then laught at you because you were so naive and you thought you would become a member of the crew just by getting that key. Then it is time to sneak into his ship, steal lots of valuables there, tell the captain about it, accuse the fishmonger of it and give the valuables back. Then you can board as a crewmember.
Kon-Tiki [attachment deleted by admin]
Kon-Tiki :Now in English ;D
CapTAmerik@ There's more people from the Lowlands than you think, gna gna... (which translates into: Er zijn meer mensen uit de Lage Landen dan jij denkt)....

Got AGI-experience / drawing experience / maybe we can discuss ideas.... I am at

Kon-Tiki Do you like drawing with Picedit? If you did, it would be a tremendous help (I get terribly frustrated from it, because it's too restricted --> e.g. the fill-function). If you don't get frustrated by the program, you would be more than welcome to help ;D

P.S. Van welk laag land bent gij dan?
CapTAmerik@ The only 'real' Low-land, eh eh... that'd be the Netherlands, :-).

It's not to say I actually 'like' PICEDIT, eh eh. If you ask me it's a lot of trouble for a 320x200 16-colour image, ;). But it's do-able and so far, the results have been to my liking very much so.

There won't be much time helping you guys out though, although I'd like to share ideas and concepts. I welcome the presence of AGI in this market (it beats the hell out of shoot 'm ups ~~ mind over matter, eh!) and I think we should all sent forth the message 'that adventurers aren't dead'!

I'm a bit occupied right now with my own game, which has about 6 fully explorable rooms as we speak. It's not much yet and that's the reason why I haven't openly talked about my project "The 13th Disciple" yet... :-)

sonneveld What annoys you about pic edit so much? what would you like changed?

- Nick
Kon-Tiki Well, that's more screens than I have ;), but if you need any help with ideas, concept, puzzles, etc, feel free to ask.

P.S. Belgi
Kon-Tiki The Fill-command works on my nerves, because, once you get a decent lay-out formed by your background, the colours are already inserted, except for the priorities and the details. Some of those details are lines, but others can be paintings or things like that. If you get the feeling your picture is too empty, it demands an awful lot of time to put other things at it, because it should be filled with lines. Also, after the picture is drawn, there are some priority fields which need to be filled. They can be quite large, so filling them with lines is just plain frustrating when a button at the bottom says:"fill".
Another thing is that the cursors seems to be over the place you're drawing on, so it's always guessing if you're at the right spot. It often happens that I have to redo the same line 10 or more times, because I'm a pixel too far, or, by drawing other lines, I have removed some, which need to be drawn again.
Those two things are the mayor problems. If they could be fixed, Picedit would be far more pleasant to work with.

I know this is a bit demanding, but I like to do my work first time right. Also, having the tool at your disposal, but it won't work like it should, that gives a Microsoft feeling and you guys all know how very frustrating Microsoft can be ;)
CapTAmerik@ [attachment deleted by admin]
sonneveld Well the problem with filling is that AGI can only fill white spaces. That's a problem with agi, not the editor.

Did you know you can actually "undo" work you've done, remove a fill, or change the position of a fill and then redo all the work?

you can skip back to halfway through your commands, add a house or something and then jump back to the rest of your commands..

I hope that makes sense.

- Nick
Kon-Tiki With other words:

1) Draw a background
2) Insert it in Picedit
3) Draw your basic screen
4) Fill the colours
5) Look what needs to be done to really finish your drawing
6) Remember your colours
7) Go back in your history until your colours are gone
8) Finish your drawing
9) Curse some at the cursor
10) Fill the colours
11) Curse some more at the cursor
12) Go to Priority Screen
13) Curse some more, but this time at the fill-function
CapTAmerik@ Thanks! Works like a charm...

sonneveld hrmm.. so pic edit needs to be more user friendly :)

- Nick
Kon-Tiki So it seems.:)

For anyone interested in 'Piraatje' or 'Cinderella Sings in Circles', everything we've done, are doing and will be doing (or the things which are decided) are placed at the Cinderella-site ( ). If there still should be some questions or if someone wants to help, feel free to ask.
Kon-Tiki I found some very good pictures I could use in Piraatje, but I don't know if it's possible to put them in the game, so:

does anyone know of a program which allows detailed scans to be put in the game without losing the details?

It would be a great help, so, if it exists, please let something know about it.