New Complete Game!!!

Corby Hey everyone. I just uploaded a game I finished making back in April or so to Chris's AGI site. I already anounced it's completion but never uploaded it. It doesn't have the best graphics or programming but I think it's alright for a first try. When playing however, in the intro, write down all the suspects info and descriptions (ie. What they look like) because you have to type their name to ask them questions. I've been working on a new game since, but i'll post the details in another thread. Well, enjoy once it's available for download!
Corby Okay, it's up! Download Corby's Murder Mystery! Fun stuff!
Kon-Tiki Good work on this game, Corby, but there are a few minor bugs. When you go to the swimming pool, you find yourself swimming in it. When you get out, your ego is transported to the one who came out of the water, while the other one remains (unless you walk over it.) Another thing is I can't find a body. Is this a bug or is it very well hidden? ???
sonneveld Hey I like the game.. I won't say something like "pretty impressive for a first game" (cause it's a bit mean) so I'll say it's pretty impressive! :)

You still open to suggestions or are you stuck into your new game?

- Nick
Corby Thanks everyone!
Kon-Tiki: I'd like to fix that swimming bug but it has something to do with flags. I didn't write down which flags mean which. Fortunently, that bug only happens in act one. As for the body, alot of my friends had trouble finding it. Just make sure you talk to everyone once. The first body is hidden well enough i guess, the rest I'd have to say are easy to find.

Nick: I'm a bit tired of that old game and pretty absorbed in my new one, but I'd still love to hear some suggestions. I know it could use alot of improvement, espeacially the plot. One other thing you may have noticed is the weird way I made my views. Most of them use all 31 cels! That was because I didn't know anything about timers and the cycle_time command back then.

Well hope you can finish the game! Don't forget to write down the clues for the end!

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Corby Thanks! :)