Pikachu14 In the Quest for Glory games (as far as I played them), the game would talk about Saurii like this: "... Sauruses (saurii, you decide) ..."

I was wondering if I should add an option to select your own personal preference as to which plural to use. Feasable?
sonneveld I think it's a feature that very little people will notice or care about unfortunately. I think it would be better if your time was spent on something else.. like the story. :)

- Nick
Pikachu14 Ah, but I don't write the story! That's Cap'n Henk's job!
Pikachu14 While we're on the subject of choices, how do I do this? [size=1]Image stolen from another thread without permission[/size] It's a great way to actually make the choice. Note: I mean the checkboxes.
Brian_Provinciano Those controls were hand coded by me. I created DCheckBox of Control and added a drawing method to draw their view (checked, unchecked, etc.) and text. I also added a handler to check/uncheck them upon click of course :)

You shouldn't have trouble making one if you've done the custom button tutorial, but now that you bring it up, I suppose that'll be one of the next tutorials I'll make :)

Keep your eyes peeled!