C-16 wth... Brian! argggg... I'm so mad. Your program screws me over when I am drawing. This is not funny. It's like the damn program is alive and it wants to make a hell out of my life. Well, you know what I say to that, F@#% that because I lost a lot of work because of that bs. Plz fix these bugs as soon as possible. These bugs include:

1) Engine freezes if you undo too many times.

2) Cut & Paste is screwy. It puts the outline that the selection makes whenever you use it.

3) I just lost one of my views for some unknown reason so now I gotta do it all over again just because you messed up while you were programming. Thanks a lot.

This is as specific as I can get. Pretty much all the editors have bugs but I'm not going to get into all the details. What I just explained pissed me off very much and I am sorry to notify you that your program is screwy.

I sincerely apologize if I offended your program in anyways. Keep in mind, I am using it which means I am glad you made it. Just fix it up so I can actually use it without being screwed while doing so. Thanks.

CapTAmerik@ Is it just me, or don't we all like the tone of this email?

Please be aware of the fact, that Brian is not paying paid for these projects. You can't order him around as your puppy dawg, simply because your pictures get screwed up.

Thanks. I hate to see Brian go on strike, simply because you can't draw.... ;)

My two cents,
Brian_Provinciano Thanks Captain!

I've got loads of requests for fixes/changes/updates to SCI Studio, begs for SCI Studio VGA to be done ASAP, people who want more tutorials, all kinds of questions in my mailbox to respond to, etc. I welcome them all, but I only have two hands and one keyboard, so it takes time to get to everything. You wouldn't believe the amount of work I put into this stuff! I'm not talking three years on and off, some days off I've put in 12 hours work on SCI Studio alone!

And, it's true, I'm not being paid for this at all. I've received a total of two donations over the past three+ years. I'm not begging anyone, but with that in mind, unless I received enough to support at least my minor computing needs (ie. new hard drive, monitor, scanner, etc.), I can't just drop everything and fix them this instant. (Provded, for those who did donate, I did drop everything to fulfill their requests ;))

I will fix those bugs, but they won't by fixed tomorrow. They'll be fixed for 2.14, whenever I finish it. As you can see with my previous versions, I release a new version about every week and a half, sometimes sooner.
sonneveld c-16: Brian's deserves a bit of a break.. he's come this far and they say that the majority of the time developing software is just debugging. I can understand your frustration but there's no reason to take it out on Brian who's producing *free* software.

Brian: perhaps it would be useful to put up a bug database? or at least a list of known bugs on your site? People could comment, and help you to produce test cases. At least people would know which bugs to try and avoid.

- Nick
C-16 my bad :P
Brian_Provinciano A bug tracking system would be a good idea. I'll see what I can do.

The biggest problem I have with bug reports is that people just say things like "I tried to make a picture and it crashed" or something. I'll have to make sure it has room for good descriptions :)