Help needed...

C-16 Ok, I just got the hang of drawing in SCI but I'm having color problems. For some reason, when I choose a mixture colors, it makes white transparent. It does the same thing with black. I'm stumped. What do I do to make them not transparent?
Brian_Provinciano White is always transparent on the visual screen, and black is on the priority and control screens. It's just the way the interpreter handles them. Also due to the file formats, you can only use the fill tool on white areas on the visual screen and black areas on the pri/control screens.
C-16 Well I've seen games where they use the color white. How did they do it?
C-16 nm. i see what ur saying now.
Brian_Provinciano You can use the transparencies to your advantage. If you leave white areas, you can "overlay" more pictures over those areas to build a layered background. This method could be used to create cool background effects. Goldrush used this method (though AGI, the same applies).