jonnings I've gone through the turtorial several times, but each time its seems to bug at the inv-key description. Allthough i're replaced "Test Object" whith "key", and the description "This is a test obj...etc" with my own description, it doesn't work in the game. I've checked this out, and it seems like the "resource.001" doesn't get updated. Why doen this happen?? ???
Brian_Provinciano Due to Sierra's patch system, if the file exists (ie. view.800 or script.000) in the same directory as the resource.001, it will ignore the resources in the package and use the extracted ones. This being the case, changing them in the package won't be noticable. Also, don't forget to rebuild resources from time to time.

Finally, make sure you click the compile button on your scripts.

I can assure you it's no bug (too many people have successfully done the tutorial :))
jonnings Hmm. I've tried to figure out this. But it still does not work. It seems like its impossible to remove/replace the "view.800" from "resource.001", allthough it is removed from all other .sc/.sh files.
Brian_Provinciano You need to rebuild resources. Saving a view to the package doesn't remove the old one, it just adds it to the end (saving would take a long time if it rebuilt each save). Deleting view.800 for example, will only delete the newest one added to the package. If you rebuild resources, it will get rid of all the old ones, so clicking delete really will remove it.