Joey Ok everyone. I have added a message board to my web site. It is nothing big. If anyone knows where to get a better one that is free, let me know. anyway you can check it out. it is linked on my web site.

It isnt the greatest, but it isnt the worst.

They give out free YaBBSE boards(just like this board we are on now).
Joey Oh s***. I thought it cost money. F***!!!!! Oh well, im gonna create a new board.
Joey ok. my new message board is almost done. chris is helping me with it. it will be done very shortly.
Joey Ok. sorry it took so long to tell you that my message board was up. my internet was down for a little so i was working on date quest 2. anyway. the message board is linked from my site. go to my site, click on message board, then click on the link. I hope everyone will use mine as much as they use this one. (like that would happen lol, but....)
Brian_Provinciano I've gone over this so many times before, but I really don't like the idea of having more than one message board. I used to run the SCI message board on another server, but decided to join Mega-Tokyo and merge it with the AGI one. Now, AGI and SCI discussion is all in one place and very convenient!

I don't want to have to double post my messages, check both boards, and reply to the same questions twice because there are two boards. I'm sorry, but like I've said many other times this has come up, I'm sticking with this one.
Zero to lazy to log in So the board that joey has and chirs has are free?

(I hope to god it is)
AGI1122 Yes YaBBSE is a free, open source message board. hosts them for free(in case you can't host one on your site).

My board is way different from Joeys, I have access to change anything and everything including the souce while he cannot.(plus I can install mods to make my board cooler and have more features).

More message boards really arn't needed, the only reason I have mine is for posting AGI and SCI news which will then appear on and

I too agree with Brian on the subject of not needing more message boards. Maybe for some reason it might be nice to have one but for an AGI and SCI board we don't need more. For instance, Joey, you could make your board, a place to discuss your games rather than AGI and SCI. That would set your board appart from this board and my board.
Zero Thanks Chirs!!!!
sonneveld Think about it this way... what's missing from the current board and is it possible to implement it on this board instead of a new one. df is pretty open to new ideas.. just email and ask.

I think the agi community kinda fragmented a bit after the succession of board failures, so staying in one place helps everybody stick together.

- Nick
Zero Cool im makeing a board right now its going to have a Sierra fourm an Agi fourm and more! board right now!!!!

Thanks so much Chirs!!!!
Joey Ok, I understand. I should have thought of all this first. I may put mine to discuss my web site and games. Anyway, im sorry brian. I had no idea you discussed this before. If i saw that, I wouldnt have made this board. Anyway, I will change it mabey tomorrow.

P.S. What I was just thinking now is, we could keep both boards, and if someone surfs into mine, then i could tell everyone what they said. just a thought.
Brian_Provinciano Don't worry about it. It's just that many people over the past few years have tried to create their own board because they want to be "the great moderator" of the AGI and SCI scenes. They want to try and compete to make their new board #1.

In most of our opinions, one board is ideal, because of what I stated above (who wants to post on two boards and such!?). We are well established with a fully customizable board, great moderators, and it just wouldn't make sense to move.
Zero to lazy to log in Ummmmm :-
AGI1122 Could I please see the board? I am an administrator over at and I can get you some help with your board.
Zero But I cant even log in. Thats the trouble!!! :-
AGI1122 Make sure your password you are using is correct.

Also if you hadn't received the email from yet, just be patient and wait for it, sometimes it takes a little time to receive it.
Zero My password is correct and i got the e-mail but I still cant log in to edit my board. :(

is there any other placesd that host them?
AGI1122 Will you just listen to me, and show me the location of your board? I help out at since they use YaPP(and I am a developer of YaPP).
Zero to lazy to log in Im Really sorry about that here is the link :'( :'( ;)
AGI1122 Uh, zero, that can't possibly be your board. That is someone elses board! There is no way you could have that many members and posts if you just started your board.

Apparently the name zero was already taken when you signed up!
Zero Ok I will try signing up again but it did not tell me that the name was taken. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
AGI1122 Yeah there must be an error or something...
Zero Ya I will try again and I will tell you if it works.
Zero Holy Crap!!!

This time I had a whole diffrent username and password and then when I try to log in it says user name does not exist even tho I can log in to the the board here is the other link