3 new games

AGI1122 I found 3 new games that I have never seen before.

The Adventures of a Crazed Hermit
and Al Pond

the first 2 are demos, but the third is a complete game. All of these where uploaded to http://www.agigames.com/games/

Has anyone seen these games before?

Well anyway, everybody go check them out.
sonneveld Never heard of Al Pond. the other two were by "Sam" weren't they?

- Nick
CESS.tk Check the Al Pond home page and you'll find a demo of Al Pond 2, which is in SCI.
Joey Yes, I told everyone about Herbao, and that other game, The Adventures of a Crazed Hermet. I already uploaded them onto Chris's AGI Website. Anyway, Ive never heard of al pond. I will check that out.
sonneveld stupid question.. what language is used in al pond?

- Nick
Joey i have know idea, but that reminds me of a question. what language is used in agi studio. the language isnt logic is it?
CESS.tk The games are in English, but I have no idea what language the site is in.
gpm the site is in Estonian. That's what the ee extension stands for.

BTW, how did you find these games, Chris? Google search?
AGI1122 Nope all of them where uploaded to my site by other users.
Joey does anyone know about the game special delivery? its a fun game. I have a copy of it, I will upload it to chris's agi site tom.