I want to....

Zero I want to make a Agi web site and board I dont know what to use that is free and easy.Can you guys give me some ideas? ???
Joey www.tripod.lycos.com

that can make your own web site for free with i think 20 mb of space. i dont know about a message board. if it is in html code, you may be able to put it in, because you can add html. if you wanna see an example of a tripod site, check mine out.
Zero Cool im going to wait for more people to reply thaen i will select the best one.
Joey ok. and congradulations. heh heh, you have 3 stars!!!!
Zero Thanks Dude!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
AGI1122 Register over at boardnation.com and you can get a free message board(YaBBSE).
Zero to lazy to log in Ya im looking for something thats just like your board because thats a awsome board.