Should I.......

Zero Should I stick with Agi or start remakeing my game in Sci? ??? ???
Brian_Provinciano Maybe it's just me, but I'd go with SCI, hehe.

SCI is so full of features and customizable, it can produce some really outstanding games! You can totally customize the interface and feel of the game.

I've also put tons of work into the tutorials, and though they recommend you know programming before hand, There have been some with absolutely no programming experience who have been able to make games with SCI Studio, and they are looking really nice!

SCI Studio 2.1 creates the complete EGA SCI games with the parser and such. When SCI Studio VGA comes out, you'll be able to use the exact same language, and most of the same code! Just instead of "IF SAID"s, you check which icon was clicked. VGA games should even be easier to program than EGA ones are! Also, VGA games will be so customizable, you will be able to create any interface you like! A King's Quest V popup toolbar, a Leisure Suit Larry 6 bottom control panel, a Lucas Arts SCUMM interface, you name it!

Almost everything you learn in the SCI Studio 2.1 (EGA) tutorial can be applied to SCI Studio VGA, so you will have no trouble switching over!
AGI1122 Yes but, I would think it easier to learn AGI before SCI. Of course though I already have experience with oop programming thanks to PHP so I was able to jump straight into SCI without any problems. If you have already started a game in AGI just finish it, then make a game later on using SCI(or a remake of your AGI game). If you havn't try out SCI and see if you like it.
Zero I agree Chirs!!!!! ;D ;D
Rich Brian, once you have this VGA SCI Studio, will I still be able to use the typing parcer if I choose to? I am a big fan of the typing games and hate the point and click games. For me, there's no point in making an adventure game if I can't use the typing interface.

"As Richard approaches the girl in the meadow in beautiful VGA graphics, the user of the game types in 'fu(k chick' and a beautifully scanned in VGA picture of a girls privates come on to screen. Wow! What a game!" -Larry of Electronic Gaming Monthly
Zero I cant wait till the Vga Sci studio comes out.
Brian_Provinciano VGA Games can't use the typing interface of SCI0 games as it was removed from the interpreter. However, it's totally customizable, so you could create a simple command parser.
Brian_Provinciano Oh, by the way, when FreeSCI supports VGA games, it should be able to support VGA graphics with the EGA parser according to the team. It would just involve a hacked up class system.
Joel If it's totally customizable, shouldn't someone, theoretically, be able to write a lexical analyzer that's as good as the one in AGI and the older SCI versions? I haven't looked at SCI very much, so I really don't know anything about how it works, but if it's truly object oriented, then it shouldn't be too difficult to let anyone include the command interface in their games, right? I guess there's no WORDS.TOK equivalent for the point-and-click interpreter, but SCI has reasonably powerful file manipulation abilities, doesn't it? The theoretical creator of the lexical analyzer could also theoretically create a vocabulary file format.
Brian_Provinciano One could write a parser inteface in their scripts, which could probably compete with the AGI parser. In theory, it would be possible to write one like the SCI0 one as well, but the SCI0 one is so advanced and complex, it would probably be pretty slow if it was up to par. However, there's always the inline assembler :)
sonneveld I wonder if there's a LEX for lisp? we could try and mould the language to work with SCI's format.

- Nick
Joel Well, it wouldn't necessarily have to be as advanced as the SCI0 parser, if the SCI0 parser would be slow written in script. It could, I guess, just look like the SCI0 parser. As long as the player can't really tell the difference, that's all that really matters.