Fav SCI game

df I'm just attempting to see what everyones fav SCI0 game is? Personally I loved Colonels Bequest more than any of the others, simply because its very 'open' in what you can do and the way you can do it, and the timed events that happend and so-on.

After than it would be Iceman, that was pretty cool...

as an aside note.. I remember hacking CB and there was either a red herring, or something I never figured out, but I remember finding code/script/text for the butlers room and a passageway. I never could get into the room/place the stuff talked about (not the passage in the garden)...

I did manage to clock it perfect only once or twice... but that required playing the game HEAPS of times to work it all out..

replay value, it had that in spades, more than Sierra's other games....
Robin_Gravel King's Quest IV is missing from the list.

Robin Gravel
df yeh... i only had 8 options :( as much as i liked kq4, i thought the other games would be more fan favourites than kq4 (for its fairytaleness, i thought kq4 was done extremely well, with some really good puzzles.) ok. i tweaked larry2+3 together as one option
Robin_Gravel I voted King's quest IV because I like fairytale games
and because I'm planning to make an unofficial King's quest game.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld I always liked Conquests of Camelot. I remember buying a budget version of it and trying to get through it with my friend in Melbourne. There's a couple of nasty puzzles though (having to go back and ask an old man some questions about something that appears later on in the game) but I liked trying to solve the riddle stones.

- Nick
AGI1122 Mine would be Space Quest 3, closely followed by ICEMAN, and Conquests of Camalot.
CapTAmerik@ You mean to say there was an actual passage-way in the butler's room in Colonel's Bequest? I played the game over and over again, and I'm still missing one or two points from the Snoop-O-Meter.

My wife is playing it right now (she only just started exploring Misty Acres, ;D). Most definitely one of the better and unique quests in gaming history!
Omer Mor CB was my fav game too! I played it lots of times, always learning new stuff.
What made this game so special for me was the many interesting subplots there, that you could learn about if you asked around lots of questions.
You got out of the game as much as you've put into it.
I also liked very much QFG2, and I think it should be in the poll too. I know it's actually SCI01, but for the player it doesn't realy matter: it's EGA, and it's parser-based, no real reason to exclude it from the poll...
CapTAmerik@ wrote:

You mean to say there was an actual passage-way in the butler's room in Colonel's Bequest? I played the game over and over again, and I'm still missing one or two points from the Snoop-O-Meter.

well, i dont know, i never 'got into it', i only found references to it, so I dont know if its a red herring, or if it exists.

I remember the first time I completed the game, i totally botched the ending, found about 10% of info. :) that spurred me on to find out more and more.

HwM Most favorite: CB, LSL & SQ3

CB had a great atmosphere, and like LSL & SQ3, it was a good, playable adventure...

And I'd have to say: I really hated ICEMAN after a while... It was one copy-protection infested, follow the correct procedure crap, difficult arcade sequences, not 'open' at all, piece of game... And PQ2 wasn't really fun, playing the same over and over again cause you could 'forget' something, without knowing you did (like somekind of kit in the beginning) and play half the game to find out. I'm not saying I don't like them at all (yeah, I know I said "hated"), but I like them the least...

PS: I remind that they (ICEMAN & PQ2) had the same designers, however, I do like their other games......

sonneveld I never really finished Iceman.. I always thought it was a poorly laid out arcade game hidden in an adventure game.

Apparently there's a card game you need to win in order to get some object but you can't save during the game so it all comes down to chance!! what a pain in the ass.

- Nick
davec Ooh, a poll! How fun!

My favorite game is Hero's Quest. I must have played this game about fifty times, using all the character types. I love the way there are always so many different solutions to the puzzles.

jonnings Any1 here played Sack McRacken? Dunno what its programmed in though. Anybody who know that btw ?
CapTAmerik@ Zack McKracken. Funny you mention it. I recall it to be a very tough and brain-washing adventure. I believe it was programmed using a preliminary version of SCUMM. Isn't it true that there is a Zack McKracken 2 somewhere available (or was it a VGA-update?),

CaptaIN Amerik@
Omer Mor There are 2 PC versions of Zak. Both had 16 Colors, but one had 320x200 resolution, and the other (older one) had lower resolution (the same resolution the C64 version had).
There was a 256-color remake that was developed by Lucas Films only for an isoteric japanese intel-based computer called FM-TOWNS.
This version can be played using the ScummVM program (a free portable interpreter for SCUMM games - much like FreeSCI is for SCI games).
There is also a german fan zak2 game, which is finished, and another zak2 fan game in english which is still in development.
I liked this game very much because it was realy wacky and funny, but it was very hard though.