Guess who is back!!!

Zero Hey its me Zero and im still working on my game Crossing Blades. I was gone a while because I had no internet. I had to took it off done fo a while. ;D ;D
AGI1122 Hide the women an children, hurry! ;) Welcome back, not much has changed ::) ... except for the location of my board, yes I know that was spam... but who cares?
Zero not logged in Thanks I will add you on my msn and I will be posting at your board like usual and I was to lazy to log in so sorry for being a guest. ;D
AGI1122 I have it set to autolog me on. Whenever I visit this site I am logged in. :)
Joey What is crossing blades like? I have never heard of it. I think you should finish it in AGI then make an SCI version.
Zero Ya your right!!!
Kon-Tiki Is there a demo ready? Any game whose name doesn't end on 'Quest' seems like it's worth trying out. ;)
If there isn't a demo ready, then are there screenshots available? ;D