KP's Unreleased Games

Joey Hey everyone. I added to my web site. There is a new section. It has all of Kool Productions games that were made or partially made, but never released. You can check out all the titles and stuff. There is a little description of each game. My web site is:


P.S. Date Quest 2 is coming along alright I guess. Just wanted everyone to know.
gpm From your description of Beat Up Boys:
This game was violent, I have to admit, but no matter how violent Date Quest 2 is, it will be released.

Date Quest 2 will be violent? I know you've said that DQ2 will have some form of sex in it, but is that what you would call violence? *getting disturbing thoughts of hitting your fictional girlfriend* or perhaps you meant smacking her bottom... (good grief ::) )
Joey No, not at all. Like I said it will be funny. I am going to have Bin Laden take over a plane and you have to throw a knife at him. Plus there are little things you can do, and will get killed or murdered. You'll see when the game is released. I want this game to be Adventure, Action, Comedy, Romance, and mabey other stuff filled in my game.