SCI Studio 2.13 Released!

Brian_Provinciano Here's SCI Studio 2.13! It's a great improvement, and a MUST download! As a result of my view system rewrite for 2.12 and zoom system rewrite, there were some new bugs. They've been fixed. There are also other important updates/additions/fixes.

-Script Compiler includes the ability to do inline assembly.
-Script Compiler now is as flexible as it can be! You can do switches and loops in any expression.
-Script compiler now includes incredibly flexible case statements.
-Script compiler has improved bracket detection! If you forget to put a closing bracket, it will tell you on the next method rather than at the end of the file so it's easier to find them!
-Vocab Editor bugs fixed.
The save dialog doesn't appear twice
It doesn't index a letter in the vocab file if no words exist
-Cursor Editor bug fixed.
It allows zooming in and out again. (occurred in 2.12 after the zoom optimization rewrite)
-View Editor bugs fixed.
The current cel isn't cleared when adding a new cel (occurred in 2.12 after the view editor optimization rewrite)

Download it now!
Joe Wow! That's all I can say, wow! The in-line assembly feature is awesome! Good work, and thank you! :)
Joe Everything looks perfect and bug-free now. I'll tell you if I happen to see any though.
Robin_Gravel Everythings in the newest sci studio are great except view editor.

When I click on Loop, Insert and Last, I got a new loop but the pictures in the preview loops are gone.

Robin Gravel
Joe Hm, it doesn't happen on my comp. What Operating System are you using?
sonneveld It might depend on the view used as well.

- Nick
Robin_Gravel I'm using win98.

Robin Gravel
Joe I forgot to report a small bug to you, Brian: In the past few versions of SCI Studio, in the picture editor, if I use a an absolute brush, then change the color and draw again, it says "Invalid picture action 0x00 0x1FC7177". It's nothing new, so no need to worry.
Brian_Provinciano That's a minor bug I forgot to fix. It'll be fixed for 2.14.

SCI Studio generally speaking is built for WindowsNT (NT/2000/XP). It runs fairly well on ME (haven't personally had any problems). It's 95/98 which it has most of it's problems with.
Joe Thank you, fellow Canadian :)
Robin_Gravel All right then, Brian. I have the time to finish "Les inseparables" before I'm working seriously on sci games (Naturette 3 of course). Robin Gravel