AGi game we missed

Shish Hey!
I've found a good game in AGI
that doesn't posted in any agi-game list!

It's called

You can find it in RON community

This game has very good plot!
I suggest you to play other RON games.
They are not AGI but they are very cool!!! I just played this last week. It's prett good. I love the Half-Life part.
Shsih Yeah, it's quite good!
I played it about month ago but forgot to
say about it!
I don't want this good game to be lost!
sonneveld The game's available on Robin's site and I'm pretty sure I've got the site on my links page.. so it's not forgotten.

- Nick
Brian_Provinciano Because most of my AGI/SCI time goes to (needs to go to) SCI Studio, I don't really have much time to update my site as much as everyone might like. The way I see it, you can get the games from other sites, but only new versions of SCI Studio and SCI Studio VGA from me. Instead of me spending my time mirroring those games, I'm sure everyone would definitely agree they'd rather me work on SCI Studio and SCI Studio VGA. It's better for me to do something new than that's already been done.

I'm totally open to any contributions, if anyone wants to help out with The Ultimate AGI & SCI Web Site with new articles, tutorials, pages, and creating the pages/screen shots for new games, I would be more than thankful! All the greatest game development sites are all built from contributions from everyone. AGI and SCI would be no different. It could only benefit.
Nick Sonneveld wrote:

The game's available on Robin's site and I'm pretty sure I've got the site on my links page.. so it's not forgotten.

- Nick

Here's my site:

Robin Gravel
Joey There are 2 other games I bet people dont know about. There is a game Herbao and the other is The adventures of a crazed Hermit. I have a copy of each at my grandmothers. I will send them to who ever wants them when i get them. (which should be this sunday) if i find the sites for them, ill post them. Oh and Brian, if you need help, Id be glad to help with your site.
gpm Chris Cromer is building a database of AGI games at "". You could upload them there, and that way everybody could grab a copy really easily.
Joey yah. i knew about the web site and the uploading. ill do that when i have a chance. i could probably have them posted there by tommorow. i mean, tommorow. ill be going there tommorow anyway, so i will probabaly upload them from there. they are kinda short, and really not that good of quality though.
Shish This both games i downloaded from some
sites. Liks were from