Dissassembling VGA games

Joe How would I go about dissassembling SCI1 scripts? It seems that the option 1.000.000 in scidasm isn't for SCI1, I think.
Brian_Provinciano If you can disassemble SCI0 scripts with my program, but not SCI1, then you're not trying to disassemble SCI1 scripts. It doesn't work with SCI11+ games.
Joe I tried to dissassemble your SCI1 example with it, but it said that Vocab.997 was not found. I'll try it on some other SCI1 games.
Joe Oops, Vocab.996
Brian_Provinciano Well then extract VOCAB.996 from the game, heh.

To disassemble the game, extract all the scripts, VOCAB.996, VOCAB.997, VOCAB.999, and all the texts. The texts aren't needed to disassemble it, but they'll be needed by you to read all the text the script uses.
Joe But isn't the Resource file empty?
Brian_Provinciano In the case of my example, which uses extracted SCI1 resources, you need to rename:

0.scr to script.000,
999.scr to script.999,
996.voc to vocab.996,
Joe Also, if the 1.000.000 option looks for Vocab.*, Script.*, I'll have to rename them all. I'll see what happens.
Joe Oh, never mind. You already posted :)
Brian_Provinciano Because SCI Decoder dumps them as script.000 and not 0.scr, I left it like that for compatibility. My in-house version that I haven't released checks for both.
Joe Okay. Thanks for your help
Shsih I tried you disassembler in
Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA Russian version
and all is ok!!!
Thanx 4 this tool!!!