VGA2SCI & Sierra's SCI Backgrounds...

C-16 Got lots of questions. Here they go:

Are there any programs available that take a VGA picture and convert it into SCI format? And when Sierra made their SCI games, did they scan real life pictures and converting them into SCI format? If so, did they need a guy to fix the final pictures just incase it turned out crappy during the conversion? If not, what DID they do? Does anybody know?
Brian_Provinciano I modified my SCI0 picture editor to be able to create VGA SCI1 pictures, and yes, it can import any BMP, or paste other bitmap format. However, it is not polished enough to be publicly released. You'll all have to be patient for SCI Studio VGA.

Sierra painted their pictures and scanned them in. They then touched them up, built palettes, and drew the priority/control screens. I saw a picture of an employee scanning one once, but can't remember where. Scanners sure were big back then, heh.
Joe So, I take it, SCI1 picture files aren't vector based like AGI and early SCI?
Brian_Provinciano The priority and control screens are vectorized, but the visual screen is bitmapped (bitmapped basically means non-vectored, not to be confused with BMP files, which are completely different). It is possible to draw the visual screen on SCI1 VGA pictures with vectors, but it wasn't used by Sierra and is very limited compared to other formats. Though it would only take a couple minutes to implement, I doubt I'm going to add support for doing vectorized SCI1 visual screens, since it will just confuse people and produce poor quality games.
Robin_Gravel That's mean if I make backgrounds I should use a paint program unstead use a drawer editor like sci ega studio ?

May I make sci0 games using vga sci studio?

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano You can only make EGA (SCI0) SCI games with the EGA "SCI Studio" (SCI Studio 2.1). You will only be able to make VGA (SCI1) games with "SCI Studio VGA". They are too different to combine.

You will be able to make VGA pictures in any paint program, or draw/paint them by hand a scan them. You will then be able to import them into SCI Studio VGA and convert them to SCI format. You will not need to draw them in SCI Studio VGA, only the control/priority lines.
Robin_Gravel Cool!

I can't wait to play Naturette with better color and higher resolution.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano Are you still going do do Naturette in SCI0? Remember that you'll be able to easily upgrade it to VGA later on by just updating the pics/views and changing it from text to point and click!
Robin_Gravel Because the "XXXXXXX" bug, I stopped making sci games unless this bug's fixed.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano Why? It's such an unimportant bug? Why would someone be typing "XXXXXX" anyways?
Robin_Gravel wrote:

Because the "XXXXXXX" bug, I stopped making sci games unless this bug's fixed.

Robin Gravel

I have found that the bug is with the vocab editor, not the script compiler. I will fix it and hopefully have the corrected version done for tomorrow.

You will have no problems scripting the game.
Brian_Provinciano I've fixed it and it will be released tomorrow with SCI Studio 2.13.

The cause was SCI Studio writing the offset of the character ("X") to the index when there were no "X" words. The interpreter would try searching the "Y" alphabet and mess up. This is fixed, and there will be no problems.

You can simply open your DG vocab.000 in the Vocab Editor, click "save", and it will be fixed!