SCI VGA Picture editor

Shish Brian, post this tool pleeeeeaaaseee!
Waht use of view editor if i cannont
edit/create pictures???

And can i compile vga scripts with your scc???
Brian_Provinciano The picture editor doesn't have palette editing built in or anything. It's not really for public release at all. I'm focusing on using my time as wisely as possible, and as a result, would rather finish up SCI Studio 2.13, the VGA template, then do the entire SCI Studio VGA then spend my time finishing up the picture editor when I will be writing a new one from scratch for SSVGA.

My script compiler can create SCI1 scripts, but is not released that way.

If I released all these programs all over the place like this, I'd get even more questions I'd have to respond to and wouldn't get _any_ work done.

Pleeeeeeeeeeease be patient! I told you, I'm doing it all as quickly as possible!

SCI Studio VGA and EGA use the exact same scripting language, so make an EGA game first. Once you've done that and learned how to make one, you'll have no trouble making a VGA game and will be able to start it the day SCI Studio VGA comes out.
Shsih I hate SCI0!!!!
I don't like games Sierra made in it!!!!
I don't want to make EGA games!!!
I don't like text input!!!!!!
I'm not going to create SCI1 games!!!
(But why, maybe.......)
SCI Studio VGA i need for viewing algorythms
and resources from old games and
for translation it in russian.
All i need is script compiler, scipt decompiler (i already have this), view editor (have).

Maybe you release buggy version of scc???
You can write "I don't answer any questions
about this version..."???

I think if i'll wait month or two more i explode!
I waited for this product too long ( 8 years!)

Brian_Provinciano Calm down. I've put over three years of dedicated work into SCI Studio EGA. If you don't like it, keep quiet. I don't want to hear it. There are too many people who actually respect my work and are patient.

I told you over and over, I'm working on it as fast as I can on SCI Studio VGA. I also must continue to support SCI Studio EGA however, as there ARE loyal fans of SCI0 games. I'm working around the clock, and if you don't think that's enough, then I don't think anything will make you happy.
gpm Hey Brian,
Don't you ever get the chance to get some sun? Considering how much time you put into this monstrous (and incredible) SCI project of yours, I wonder if you even see the sunlight. While you've contributed to the AGI/SCI community as much as anybody, you gotta enjoy the weather while it's nice! (Sorry Nick)

I would just hate to see you burn yourself out because SOME PEOPLE are too impatient to appreciate the scope of the project you're doing.
I LIKE SCI Studion EGA!!!
I respect your work Brian!!!
I think your work is incrediable!!!!
You suggest me to do an ega games
and i said that i think of SCI0 EGA games...
I'm not telling Brian that he needs to do
SCI VGA Studio sooner! I just mean that
he has buggy tools some people want to
have (or it's only me?)...
I have nothing against Brian and his work!


I have just complited (or how you call it)
Hugo's House of horrors.
It's great!!! I liked this adventure!!!
Shish And again...
I have nothing anagist EGA games...
I just don't like Sierra SCi0 games
(Especial Larry 3 - it's terrible!!!)
But it's my opinion. I have nothing
against SCI Studio EGA fans...
And if i made someone offended than
i'm very sorry, i didn't wanted it!

Now, that's all!!!
Brian_Provinciano Thanks Adam!


The compiler will not help you translate the games, unless you want to completely recode them! The disassembler dis"assembles" scripts. The compiler "compiles" scripts. In order to edit them, you'd need to have either a de"compiler" or an "assembler".

Did you realize that 98% of the SCI1 game's text is stored in text resources, not the script resources? Just by editing the text resources (with SCI Studio, it works on SCI1 texts), you can translate them? You're after the wrong tool. The tool you need is already in your hands.

If you want an SCI1 compiler, all you need to do is compile SCI Studio's SCC command line version with the SCI1 define on, with any C compiler, Borland C++, Visual C++, GCC, etc.
Shish Can i really translate text with SCi Studio EGA???
WOW!!! Why don't use said that 2 moths ago??? :D
I'm so glad!!!!
So do you know that:
I'm already made small demo with
Sci Studio EGA... I thought that i need
a little practice with SCI scripts...

Second, so time ago i wanted to make game
with AGS, so i made a russian font in SCIStudio.
Do you need it??? It has no quality at all, but...
I'm already thinking about translating SCI
Studio EGA in Russian and making new good
russian font for it!
Brian_Provinciano Nice job! Best of luck to your future SCI projects!