win sci vga

Robin_Gravel I got "win256.c WinDstShift" message when playing Brian's demo before the dialogues display.

The demo plays well except with this message and without texts.

I used KQ5 cd-rom winsci to try Brian's demo.

The sci enclosed with the demo plays without problem.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano KQ5Win is SCI11. My SCI VGA game is SCI10. They are not compatible. Only use the interpreter that came with it.
Robin_Gravel Will sci studio vga can support sci11? Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano Because SCI11 internally is fairly different from SCI1, but externally similar, I have no plans at the moment. However, I really really must take it all one step at a time. If I plan too far a head, I'll go crazy.