SCI VGA Demo Available for Download!

Brian_Provinciano SCI Studio VGA will not be ready for a while, but to give you a taste of what it will be able to do, and proof of it's ability, here is the SCI VGA Demo!

This SCI demo is written entirely in SCI1 (of course!), and runs on an official Sierra interpreter!
Joe It looked great Brian! I can't believe how it looked and how soon you made it! Good job!
AGI1122 Great job Brian, keep up the great work, it is really appreciated. :)
Shish Yeah!
It's great!!!!
Why don't you post a picture editor???
Will you make a playable demo game (Like with
Brian_Provinciano Of course I'll make a playable demo game, but it's not ready yet. When it is, I will.

The picture editor doesn't have palette editing built in or anything. It's not really for public release at all. I'm focusing on using my time as wisely as possible, and as a result, would rather finish up SCI Studio 2.13, the VGA template, then do the entire SCI Studio VGA then spend my time finishing up the picture editor when I will be writing a new one from scratch for SSVGA.