The Ultimate AGI & SCI Web Site *Super Amazing Fantastic* Update!

Brian_Provinciano I've updated The Ultimate AGI & SCI Web site with some new stuff, including the new section, "Sierra Games In Magazines".

In order to preserve history that would otherwise be long lost, I've scanned a whole bunch of old reviews, hints and ads for Sierra's AGI & SCI games from old magazines. You've gotta check them out!
RDragon ahh great... I have a bunch of InterAction! Magazine's somewhere in my house... I will try to dig them out and scan some stuff for ya ;)
Brian_Provinciano Sounds great! Thanks!
Robin_Gravel Thanks Brian for put my sci games on your site.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Wow nice job, all of those articles/magazines look good.

Glad to see you put up my annotation for SQ3. Thanks. :)
Mastercard Is there something wrong with me, this computer or fileplanet?I can't download anything from there!
There is just download your file now and blah blah blah but no way to download anything!
Brian_Provinciano You click on the file. It takes you to the download page. You scroll down, and click on the location you wish to download from.
Mastercard Why don't the AGI-games download take me to fileplanet?Are the links d
Brian_Provinciano What do they go to when you click on them? What games?
AGI1122 I only know of 1 game that is missing, in the downloads, V. I tried downloading it(back before I joined on the project) and it didn't work, and it still doesn't. P.s. I am on the V dev team could you please add my name to the credits?
Mastercard Fuck Quest, Space Quest:Lost Chapter, Residence 44 Quest and I cpuldn't get more because now I can't even view your site...
But it jumped to Fileplanet and printed File not found.
Brian_Provinciano I'll look into them. Until then, you can get them off other sites, such as Robin Gravel's AGI site.
Robin_Gravel You can't find F**k Quest on my site because of porn parts in this game.

Robin Gravel
Mastercard I don't care about F**k Quest but I want Space Quest: Lost Chapter and Residence 44 Quest just because they are finished and gooood...
AGI1122 Well you can download space quest the lost chapter here:;game=sqtlc And I beleive somebody uploaded Residence 44 to
Robin_Gravel You'll find Residence 44 quest on my site: