An example game

Joe This isn't a game really, but just an example of stuff you can do in SCI. It's not finished, or made to look right though. Sorry for that. In it, I used AutoDoor, the End and Beg cycles, and the changeState method. I used the testScript instance I talked about to move aMan. I probably should of used something like 'shootScript' to handle the player shooting, but it still works. If you feel like looking at it, go ahead. It might help. Good luck on SCI Studio Brian!
Joe Oh, and sorry about how the door/doorway looks.
Brian_Provinciano It looks great! Nice job!
Joe Thank you Brian! I'm sorry I used Sonny as the main character, but I'm not that good at drawing characters. If I don't make any games, I'll be sure to keep posting examples, if that's alright.
Joe Woops, I forgot to tell you how to make him shoot. I'm sure you figured it out though. It was a no-brainer :) heh