Would anyone be offended by sex in DQ2?

Joey Ok, i no i should make it myself and get the idea myself, and im going to, but i just want a rough idea if anyone would be offended by sex in DQ2.
gpm We can't vote twice right? ;D
One for my personal preference, which is No, and another for my stronger belief that it should be your choice?

I know, I'll vote "Your choice" as my official position and post No here, which is my unofficial preference.

Just do what you want to do, Joey. It'll be a great game if you put the heart into it.
Joel all right...100% of the voters said "no"!! Oh, wait. I'm the only voter so far. If the question is will I be offended if you put sex in the game, the answer is a definite no. If the question is whether you should put sex in the game, that remains up to you.
gpm Joey, if you wanted to "force" us to tell you what we think, you could deliberately leave out the option to say "Your choice". Sneaky, I know.. :)
Joey Ok.
Everyone, keep the votes coming. I believe I will put in sex, put keep the votes coming in.
Rich Joey, you're getting too pre-occupied by this sex thing. I'm starting to think you shouldn't put sex in your game. You're thinking that you want your game to be as popular as mine, but a secret is that I never wanted my game to be popular! I made it because I thought it was hysterical and no one had ever made a game like it. It was just dirty and to the point. Another thing I should tell you though is that I was already in my early twenties when I made the game. Then again, I did make a simulated sex game when I was around 13 in Pascal or C (can't remember which now). But, I never released it to anyone. No internet back then. LOL. Well, anyhow, stop pondering it too much, sit down, write your game and make it. If sex fits with the rest of the game (as it does with FQ), put it in, if it doesn't like Date Quest 1 clearly doesn't, don't put it in. Alright?
Joey Alright.