When SCIStudio VGA will be released???

Shish Brian, when you release that!!!
I'm waiting for it!!! I'd like to view\edit
my first scivga game Lesiure Suit Larry I.
(I played it then i was 8).
Brian_Provinciano Sorry, there's no release date set yet. I might make one with some donations though, hehe ;)

The template is nearly done, and I recently finished a picture editor. So, now, I've done an SCI1 script compiler (which generates the vocabs), view editor, picture editor, font editor and cursor editor. Generally speaking, I can create a complete game. However, the only part I will keep is the compiler. Due to issues with Borland C++Builder's VCL, I will be writing SCI Studio VGA from scratch using either QT or wxWindows.
Shish Ok,
I played LSL when i was 8.
But i wanted to know how long it will
take??? So what time i need to wait???
Weeks or maybe months???
Joe Brian, I think, estimated that SCI Studio would be out by September, but I'm not entirely sure. He can spend all the time he needs/wants on it. No-one is in a rush.
Brian_Provinciano I estimate that the VGA template game will be done in a week or two at the most. Once I'm set up with wxWindows and QT, I'll decide which one I want to use and will get cracking with SCI Studio VGA itself. I can pretty much promise that it will be out this year (2002). It might be as late as December, but this year!

Like I said, I've already done an SCI1 (VGA) compiler (which generates the vocabs), view editor, picture editor, palette editor, cursor editor, font editor and text editor. Those are all the tools needed other than the resource manager. However, they were mostly test versions (or "drafts"). I will be rewriting everything except the compiler from scratch. This is because Borland C++Builder is buggy, but also because they are currently Win32-only. By switching to wx or qt, I will be able to build SCI Studio VGA for Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux/BSD!
Shish Do you plan to release alpha version???
Even buggy... I waited for SCI VGA tools
so long... In 1993 in Russia was made
SCI OPENER. Taralej and jabocrack software
made russian versions of Space Quest, LSL
and others with it... But they didn't release it :(
So maybe you release buggy version without
recompiled tools...
Pleeeeeeeeeaseeeee ::)
Brian_Provinciano Sorry. I don't want to release tools that are too buggy and unfinished upon people.

I'm loaded with so much work it's crazy! Just SCI alone is nuts! I have SCI Studio, SCI Studio VGA, the VGA template, the tutorials, the VGA tutorials/help file, the web sites, responding to all your emails/questions, etc.

I'm putting far more work into SCI Studio and SCI Studio VGA than I should, but I continue to do so. I should be enjoying the sunshine and getting fresh air more, but instead, I'm working around the clock on all these SCI projects to get them done as quickly as possible. I haven't really taken any breaks at all. My days lately have been almost entirely SCI, just with my daily breaks for eating, sleeping, and working out. I'm doing it as fast as I can! I was even supposed to start a job a little while ago, but I've delayed it just for this!

Sorry for the rant guys. I love SCI Studio and really want to build it all as much as possible, but please support my work! It's all for you! I don't even have the time to create my own game, I'm too busy with SCI Studio itself! I doubt I'll ever have time to make my own game, there's always so much to be done with SCI Studio!

I have no problem continuing SCI Studio to build it as much as possible, but _please_ support it, and all the work I've done!
RDragon Brian - keep up the good work... I havent posted much mostly due to me not having questions... I read these boards regularly and I can see you have a great deal of dedication towards the project. I assume there are others like me that are lurking, but dont think for a moment we dont support you =) Good luck!
Omer Mor Can you please tell us more about the russian translations of SCI games, and SCI OPEN? perhapes provide some links to it, or put some screenshots?
I never heard of it...
And Brian - You're the best man!
Joe Sorry, this is a little late, but I meant SCI Studio VGA.
Joe And you should go take a break once and a while, keep yourself from going crazy. :)