Date Quest 2 Voting. (EVERY ONE PLEASE VOTE ON THIS!!!!)

Joey Ok. I need all your help. I need people to vote, yes or no if they want sex in DQ2 and mabey why they said yes or no. Im not sure if I want to put in sex, so I need you people to decide. Please everyone vote in this.

Yes or No, and a little description why.

Thank you, I only want this game to be what the community wants. If it makes the game better: yes
If it doesn't: no

Pretty obvious, ain't it?
Joey not really.
I want to no what the community wants. Im not making this game for myself am i? Im not going to be playing it that much i dont think. I just am not sure. 1 part says to put it in, another says no. I need the communitys help. It may be decided on the number of votes. So who ever wants it in, please let me know, who ever doesnt, please let me know. Whichever gets the more votes, will be picked.
Joel Ultimately, you are the author of the game's story. Rather than trying to find out if we want to have sex scenes in AGI games, maybe you should consider your characters' development. Will a sex scene further the plot of your game, or will it be simply gratuitous? Gratuitous scenes are fine with me, but if you're that concerned about your parents' reaction then you'd have a much easier time with it I think if you could point to a solid plot-related reason for including the sex scene (not that it will necessarily be easy if they do have a strong negative reaction even if you can point to such a solid reason).

As I've mentioned, there's a good possibility that there will be sex scenes in Jen's Quest, and I know with certainty that my parents will react negatively to them. I refuse to let my parents' feelings determine the course of the stories I tell, but for that decision there will certainly be repercussions if my parents see my game. The question, I guess, is whether you're prepared to accept the repercussions if you put sex into your game in the name of remaining true to who you really are.

It's been my experience that most parents (but not all) who have serious problems with their kids having any experience with sexuality typically have a problem seeing the unclothed human body, so if you're going to include topless women in the game then I really don't see where a sex scene is going to make all that much difference. Of course, your parents could be of the rare type who are ok with the human body but not with sexuality. Only you can know that.

I know this isn't that helpful in giving you a firm yes or no in your decision, but the decision really is yours when it comes right down to it, not ours. All I can do is recap what I've said: when you create something like an AGI game, it is an expression of you. If your parents' negative reactions cause you to exclude something from your game that you really wanted to include, then your parents are stifling your self-expression. The question you've got to think about is whether you're willing to handle the consequences that come with asserting your self-expression, because there's a chance there will be some.
Mastercard Why don't you just make some nice and funny sex scenes like in LSL2 in the hotel?I think it doesn't make the game too sex-related but then your game contains that part of the story also.
gpm Making an AGI game is hard enough (mostly because of the size of such a project, and not a large number of people are so committed), so you need to do Date Quest 2 the way YOU want to do it, because if you're doing someone else's idea, you may ultimately hate the game that came out of all that time and effort. That would be a tremendous shame.

Perhaps you might want to post what you had in mind for a story on the board, and from there we could vote on whether the sex part is appropriate.
But then again, that could spoil the plot of the game.

I know what [glow=green,2,300]I[/glow] would prefer to see in a game, but I'm not going to say because that might unfairly skew your decision. :-X
Rich Well, you can probably figure that my vote would be a definite yes. LOL. However, I do have to agree with both Joel and Mastercard. You must make the game the way you feel is right. What I have discovered about art, and I put making games under the category of art, like paintings, or writing, or whatever, is that art is something you have to make because it is in your inner soul. You have to make it the way you want it regardless of what other people may think. If it comes from the soul, other people are gonna be more inclined to like for some reason. Take the film business for example: movies that are made to please audiences because producers want to make money are usually subpar. Movies that are made because the film-makers have something from their soul that must be expressed, are so much better. So, that is my answer. However, having the great knowledge of psychology that I do, I would have to say that you personally want to put it in or you wouldn't have even asked. If you're doing it just to please me, then forget it. Ha ha ha!
I personally don't have to worry what people think, because people won't ever figure out who exactly wrote it. No one on the AGI community really knows me. You're all scattered throughout the world! Think of us the same way. Also, I doubt your parents will ever know, unless you tell them about AGI and they look it up. If you're worried, just use a psuedonym!
Okay, that's my piece.
Shish I think FQ and FQII are good with sex.
Make your game

- = WITHOUT SEX!!!! = -

It's only my opinion...
Brian_Provinciano LOL! You're only 13! Someone your age should even be playing a game like that, heh. I don't think your parents would approve, lol.

In most cases, unless the game is about sex (like FQ), sex is just used to mask a lack of plot or crappy game. I see absolutely no reason for you to put it in there.

The main thing is that your game should have a good plot, and the plot should be written before even coding the title screen. Without an entire story scripted for your game, it will just look like a bunch of screens all thrown together. The whole concept of adventure games is a good solid story. They began way back when there were no graphics at all. It was like an interactive book. If the story wasn't any good, the game wouldn't be, and no one would want to play it (or "read it"). Now that we have graphical adventure games, far too many people just start throwing together graphics with a vague idea of what the game _will_ be about. What the game should be about is a story.

Maybe it's me, but I would never even think of doing a pornographic game. I don't think you should be making a porno game either. No offense, but you're only 13. Unless you've watched a whole bunch of pornos (which would make your quite a weird kid) and done the _stuff_, I doubt you could make a good one anyways. I think you should make a solid, clean adventure game with a good plot.

I have nothing against FQ. I actually commend Rich for his dedication to create a complete game. However, it was obviously his original plan to create such a game. In your case, it's something you're just thinking of "throwing in", which isn't really something for adventure games, just for motion pictures, heh.
Shish Who is 13 in here???
Was it to me???
I'm 16!!!!
Brian_Provinciano If you'll check Joey's profile, he's 13.
Joey Ok. So just because im 13 means I can't make a game I wanted it to be like? Who cares if im 13. I mean, I know enough about sex. What I originally wanted to do, is at the end, you have sex with a girl. And the sex would be interactive like FQ. But, my dad knows I make AGI games but doesnt like them. So I dont know if he would look for it on my pc or on the web since he knows my web site. And he already knows that im making a new game. The game is supposed to be funny. I wanted the guy to have a choed. LOL!!!!! But I think I'll make scenes that you can try to do it, but something goes wrong. Im really not sure yet. When I get to the part I was thinking of it in, I'll decide. Otherwise, I will just have it animated and something goes wrong and its funny. I know im only 13, I shouldve hidden my age, but I don't think that matters. If im going to make this game good, I could put whatever I want in it.

Another thing. The reason I wanted sex in it, is because my other games are really not popular and suck. I wanted this game to be talked about like FQ and a really popular game. This is going to be my best game. Although the quality of come pictures so far arn't good, I may edit them later on. (sigh) Im really not sure. Thats why I asked here. I doubt my dad will even find out that it is complete when it is, I could just say, I gave up on it. But if he checks my web site im dead. anyway, I know im 13 and I understand im young, but I want to make a really good agi game, and one that was like LSL, since those are my favorite games.

You know, just because im 13, I dont think that should make me not be able to make the game I wanted. I want it in, but im not sure how the community would react, or if my parents found out, my punishment. I think no matter what age anyone is, they should make a game the way they want, with what they want in it. And I want sex in my game. So I think I may put it in. Just not as dirty as I wanted it. LOL!!!! Yah, I think I will just animate it, but you won't be able to see under the pants. The only thing you can see in my game is breasts. Thanx anyway people, you told me some useful information. I will make the game the way I want it.
Brian_Provinciano Your age is irrelivant in the case of what kind of game you can make. You can make any kind of game you want regardless. I was just pointing out that you being 13, shouldn't be making a pornographic game.
Joey That is true. It is not going to be that pornographic. I mean LSL just shows breasts. It is not going to be dirty and u no, erotica or anything. I just feel I should be able to make a game with whatever material I want.
(sigh) It is not going to be a bad game. Dont worry.
sleep hey joey
just wanted to know if you need any help with making pictures for your game
i think making pictures is alot easier than writing the logic
if you could use some help, hit me up 8)
Joey wrote:
Another thing. The reason I wanted sex in it, is because my other games are really not popular and suck. I wanted this game to be talked about like FQ and a really popular game. This is going to be my best game.

Actually, I would say that's not a good reason to put sex in your game. Games like FQ and LSL are liked not simply because they have sex in them but because they have humor in them, as well (even when I was vocally opposed to FQ several years ago, I thought that the Brad Pitt mask thing was funny). I think it's important that you understand that a sex scene, interactive or not, is not going to magically make people like your game. And although I'm not going to go along with Brian's "shouldn't"s, I will agree that sex scenes are no substitute for a good plot. Although I think FQ is funny, I wouldn't classify it as one of my favorite fan-made AGI games because for me it has very little replay value because there isn't much to the plot.

Cloning any part of someone else's game to try to get people to like yours I think would be a very bad idea. If you were going to make an interactive sex scene, I would say it shouldn' t be like the one at the end of FQ, because then you would simply be regarded as a copycat, and your game would never get the same, um, respect that FQ has.

If you really want your game to be popular, then you should concentrate on the plot. I will also agree with Brian on this one: it's a good idea to get the plot fleshed out before you even begin. Now, I didn't do that with Jen's Quest, but three and a half years ago I also hit a brick wall because I didn't know where I was going with the game and I abandoned it. It was only after I took the time to sit down and think about where the plot of the game was going that I could even begin to think about resuming work on the game. I would say it's ok to develop a few rooms here and there before you flesh out the plot, but you probably shouldn't include those rooms in your actual game. They should just be aids to help you visualize what stuff's going to look like, if you create them at all (if you don't have the will power to throw them away, don't make them in the first place).

All that said, I am of course not opposed to the inclusion of sex scenes in your game. Good luck with it.
Joey Ok. Thanx Joel. Good Luck with Jens Quest. I guess I thought everyone wanted sex in a game. But i was wrong. Sleepy, I may need you. Im not sure. But I dont think the sex is going to be interactive or anything like FQ. Actually, you know what. I dont think im going to even put in sex. All for pornogrpahic material that will be shown is breasts. DAMNIT!!!! Now i want to put in sex. Ok. I already planned the story before, I wanted in sex, I may put it in, but i am going to change the plot again. I am going to think this over and decide what I want. To tell you the truth, I havent worked on this game for a couple days. im hoping to work on it today. (Why i havent been working on it is because I have been trying out Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Im hooked on it!!!) Ok, i will think up the plot again, then work on it. Thank you everyone for your help. Sleepy, whats your email. I may need help. If you dont want everyone to know, email it to my email at

Thanx everyone for all your help.
Joel If you already planned the story, then there's no reason to change it. The point I've been trying to emphasize and that others have also stated is that you need to make the game that you want to make. Don't worry about what will make it popular and what won't. If you like the game and think it is something that you would like to play and would be willing to spend hours trying to solve, there's a good chance that somebody else will feel the same way about it.
Joey Heh Heh. I dont think it will take hours to beat. But mabey when Im finished, I could judge that. You are right, I wanted sex in it in the first place. I think im going to stick with that.
Shish I think you can make sex in
LSL 1 style (With "censored") ;)
sleep i sent you an email joey
let me know, aight
Joey Yah, I was just thinking about that last night. I'm not sure. I want to make it funny also. I will program, then see what happens when I get up to that point.
Joey ok everybody.
I have decided to put it in. I am NOT doing it like FQ. I am going to do it in my own creative way. (which I do not know yet.) Or, I may make it like lsl or lsl2, or lsl3.
heh heh. I still have to decide about that.
Rich Heh. Heh. I remember back when I was still learning to use AGI. I made a hack of LSL that replaced the censored boxes with actual sex. It was great! I wonder if I still have that stuff. That was over four years ago.
Yeah, put the sex in if you want, Joey, but just do it in a tasteful way. The way a 13 year old would do it.
Joey i dont get it.
what do u mean tasteful?
Rich Tasteful, you know, Joey. LSL had "tasteful" sex because it wasn't XXX. It just means, not dirty sex like in FQ1. In other words, don't show genitalia, or reproductive organs.
Joey oh okay.
Cause I think thats how the sex scenes will be.