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Observations on Larry 6’s death handler

Though the two versions of Leisure Suit Larry 6 have a mostly identical script for its death handler, there are some interesting differences in the high-res SCI2 version that I’ve noticed:

  1. The reason parameter is stored into a local variable, which is used throughout instead.
  2. There is no checking if the rewindScript parameter is an object.
  3. Adding the title and text to the Print references the messages directly instead of preloading them:
    ; SCI11
    (Message msgGET 82 2 0 reason 1 @theMessage)
    (Message msgGET 82 2 0 reason 2 @theTitle)
    ; then
    addTitle: @theTitle
    addText: @theMessage theMessageX theMessageY
    ; SCI2
    addTitle: 2 0 lReason 2 scriptNumber
    addText: 2 0 lReason 1 theMessageX theMessageY scriptNumber
  4. At the start of the loop, the SCI2 version calls (DoAudio audPLAY scriptNumber 2 0 lReason 1). You might recall that’s the Message key for the main joke. It stops the audio, should it still be playing, when processing your response.
  5. Setting the window background is done a little differently; Print exposes a back property so it doesn’t have to memorize, change, and restore a global window background setting. There’s no such property in SCI11’s Print.
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