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Combining PQ2 and KQ4… in SCI11

If you were so inclined, you can easily take that mashup I just posted and convert it to SCI11.

Just take the doit method from earlier and replace the two Print calls:

    "TO: Detective Bonds\nFROM: Captain Hall\nSUBJECT: ID of evidence photo\n\nPlease provide the LAST name of the person pictured in the attached evidence photo for homicide case 186751.\n\nPlease respond in box below, ASAP!\n"
    40 0
  addIcon: 923 2 myPick 0 0
  addEdit: @yourAnswer 20 40 100


(Prints "Sorry Bonds, you'll need to do better than that!")

The main difference is that you’ll have to provide your own coordinates. You can tell that the ones I put are very rough. I mean to port the SCI0 Print procedure to SCI11 as ClassicPrint some day. Don’t be fooled — Prints is merely a simple wrapper procedure:

(procedure (Prints)
  (Print addText: &rest init:)
[ , ]

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