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The Pepsi Principle

Recently, a friend who shall remain unnamed urged me to read a webpage explaining why Bad Dragon is a bad company, and to stop putting my crap on E621, apparently being a part of BD, using only FurAffinity instead.

That page had plenty to say about a company I never bought anything from, and exactly one thing about E621 that happens to be basically covered by my previous post.

After looking up some other sources for things actually relevant to E621, I decided to disregard the urging and told this to the unnamed friend.

I called this the Pepsi Principle, which he did not understand of course. So what is this?

I drink basically only Coke. I’d rather drink nothing before I’d drink Pepsi. Likewise, I vastly prefer Lay’s chips over most other brands.

But there’s one problem: Lay’s is part of Pepsico.

And you know what? I don’t give a fuck. *cronch*


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